Sunday, May 23, 2010

Love this about Facebook

You know when people comment on your statuses or write on your wall, Facebook sends you an email.

Well, I love that you can now (I say now, but it's probably a month old if not longer) reply to that email and your answer goes right back on your wall or as a comment without logging in.

I seriously love that!

Now wouldn't it be great if Blogger did the same thing?

I'd be able to respond to comments so much quicker and my email box would be emptied in a jiffy!

P.S. speaking about blogging stuff...

1. Some of you have something weird going on with the comment function on your blogger blogs. That means I can't comment at all (it doesn't show me a "post a comment" link). It will get fixed if you go into your settings and select the FIRST option and I'll then be able to comment :)

2. I will say this - I am nothing if not determined (sometimes) so I'll send the link to another computer and try to post a comment from different places. Sometimes that does work; it just takes forever.

3. Shelby, something even weirder is going on with your comments as I can't ever comment on your blog (have tried from all my computers!) nor can I find an email address to mail you on. (Shelby also has twins and the one boy's name is also Connor).

While I'm thinking blog stuff, is anything weird going on with my blog?


  1. How bizarre! I have looked and looked, but can't see why on earth you wouldn't be able to leave me comments. I tried from other computers in my house (logged out) and can see the comments link... I also have buddies who are able to comment. I'll do some reasearch and see what I can see. Thanks for the heads up!! Hope you are doing well!

  2. PS: I TOTALLY LOVE THAT ABOUT FACEBOOK!! I love that I can get the text to my phone and reply instantly from there too... Sweet! ...and I don't think anything funky is going on with your blog.

  3. I understand folks wanting to guard their privacy, but I wish everyone had their email addresses linked to their Blogger IDs. (I think I'm describing this correctly.) Most of the time when I see a comment from my blog in my email, I can respond directly to that person via that email. Other times the email comes from a "do not reply" address. Then I have to go to my blog and try to find that person's email address from their profile, which is not always easy.

    Ah, well, if that's the toughest part of my day, then I guess things are OK. :)

  4. I didn't realize my e-mail wasn't showing. I added it. ;)

  5. I TOTALLY love that function of FB too!!! Yes that 'do not reply' addy is quite annoying isn't it? It's okay if it's someone I know quite well and can quickly flick them a note, but if not..hmmm...why can't they do what lots of people do and just set up a dedicated blogging address? Oh and your blog is ticketyboo (as always!)

  6. Really, Facebook can do that? I must look at that. I take it you are ok with my comments?


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