Thursday, May 27, 2010

A new level of Zen

How far I've come!

Before babies, I'd freak out if there were just one other person in my house during the day if I wasn't home.

Yesterday, babies plus Nanny V plus new cleaning lady plus two painters.

A circus!

In a moment of clarity, after yet again cleaning up after the old maid, I decided, "that's it!" and fired her.

I did it nicely .... "S, I won't be needing you to come to work anymore" as I saw no reason to tell her the true reason (you don't clean properly, can't remember anything I say, etc.) and I paid her one extra day's salary.

I had a glorious sense of freedom plus PANIC.

After a few seconds I calmed myself down, handed my husband our free newspaper to look through for a couple of people who were looking for work and went to gym.

When I got back, he'd circled 7 names.

I phoned all 7, armed with my interview checklist, and prioritised my top 3.

Phoned her back and we arranged a start date, daily rate, etc.

She started last Tuesday.

And it's been okay so far.

Would be better if there weren't all these other things going on all the time.

Like the painting and the fact that our security system's sensors is not working properly so there are technicians all over the place.

I am ZEN with all this chaos.

To test my patience, I'd just arrived home when City Power decided to do some load shedding in my little part of our HUGE suburb. My friend, C, and her mom in two different directions both had power so I drove to C's house to warm the babies' frozen ice-blocks for supper :)


Two hours later I had electricity and all was well.

I cooked for us and two meals for the babies.

But..... my house was a mess as all the bedroom furniture plus clothes plus my handbags were all over the house and in my guest bedroom/ study since my bedroom walls were still wet.

I'm surprised I actually fell asleep in that madness last night.

Earlier today I phoned home to check if the painter had arrived and Nanny V tells me, "oh, we don't have power again".

It took lots of restraint not to swear as this was around their lunch time.

So my babies had ProVita with peanut butter and yoghurt for lunch.

And now V tells me, "they don't like the new food". The Carrot and Cheesy Tomato Risotto I so lovingly prepared for them.

I was THIS close to taking a jar of Purity off the shelves at the store but I was very strong and resisted.

I need to write about the food story another day (this is why I need to write as it happens as it got good and is bad again!).

I am rising to a new level of Zen...

But how's your day going?

P.S. Went to a friend's baby shower yesterday at work and oh! it brought back such memories of the crying and the overwhelm.


  1. Sounds like a crazy couple of days...but good for you on staying calm! : ) You will show us your new paint job, right?

  2. You are a rock! I don't know if I could handle that much chaos. Our dishwasher is supposed to be fixed today. It's been over two weeks (what a saga to tell with that one!). But about food, we let the boys try peanut butter and jelly sandwiches yesterday for lunch, now that they are almost a year old and there are no peanut allergies in either side of the family, and they did great! They loved them and no problems!

  3. You are SO ZEN! :-)

    That is a lot of chaos, but you seem to be handling it very well. Hopefully things return to normal soon.

  4. Wow! You've had a lot going on, but it does get easier, doesn't it? You kind of give up control, make decisions on the fly, and keep going.

  5. Craziness! On the food front, I have a new rule: you eat what I put in front of you or you get a peanut butter sandwich. They like PB sandwiches but they aren't crazy about them either - its a good in between choice and its easy to prepare. They are too little to understand this rule, but you will never hear me ask them, "oh you don't like this?? what would you like instead?" And we have only had to implement this a few times. Got the idea from a site I can't remember right now but the not-so-exciting-and-easy-to-make back up food idea is a great one, especially for toddlers who seem to get increasingly fussy about their food!

  6. Oh my goodness. Too much as once. Although the thought of someone else cleaning and painting might be worth it!

    I have to write up C's evaluation. This whole eating business seems to be nearly as hard as it was to get pregnant in the first place!

  7. Zen Mistress - I worship at thy feet :) Maybe you could bottle it? There'd be a market!! :)

  8. I hate chaos!!! We're still in the midst of doing some remodeling and things are still misplaced and our garage is a total mess. It makes me feel like running away sometimes!!

    I don't know about you but I spent my entire baby shower (both times) in total disbelief that it was actually MY shower and not someone else's!!!


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