Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh NO! My comments are gone

Guess what I managed to do all my myself, without the help of my trusty web person who's busy revamping her own website at present.

I bought the domain, (123blog was taken and a gazillion extensions) and successfully redirected it and masked something blah blah blah.

How cool is that?

But then, instead of leaving well enough alone, I decided to go into blogger and redirect from there too.

Something happened and I kept getting a message "do I want to redirect?" (um, yes!!! but it wouldn't)

so I went back in and undid it and now my comments are gone.

I'm trying not to freak as I've seen T-bird and Saffy had the same thing going on so please will someone put me out of my misery and tell me

1) how to get my comments back and edited to add - they seem to be back from my side - can you see them??
2) how do you do the blogger redirect?



  1. They'll come back - don't panic - you bought your domain from Google right? :)

    Did you lose your blogroll? I didn't look. I lost mine. Grrrrrrrr.

    And I didn't look at your new name either. Impulsive :p

  2. No, I bought it through bravenet where I have all my other domains........ I think it was cheaper that way too.

    I didn't have a manual blogroll (I used that gadget through blogger) and it's all there...

    Now just the domain redirect thing to do

  3. Exciting! It's so frustrating trying to straighten everything out, though. I can see your comments and can leave one here (through blogger), but on the new one, the word verification won't show up for me. Maybe it's a fluke and it's just not loading right at the moment?

  4. No idea, but don't do what I did which was to delete photos on Google which in turn deleted an entire 7 months of photos from my blog. I was devastated and I haven't been able to actually go back and re-create. I own but still host through blogger like you. My husband took care of redirects so I'm no help unfortunately.

  5. Are you staying with blogger or moving to self-hosted Wordpress?


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