Friday, May 14, 2010

Organising binge

What do you do when you have crazy bad internet problems and you can barely work on the computer?

Why, you organise your house.

Or at least that's what I do.

The computer has been driving me nuts and I think I'm going to phone Dial-a-Nerd.

Love that name.

My local computer guys said there's nothing wrong with my computer. My anti-virus is working normally but I am still losing emails coming in.

Anyway, back to the organising.

I'm flying through the house stuff on my May list because in addition to the disappearing emails, I also have crazy slow internet.

Again, my ISP says there is nothing wrong with connectivity in my area but there so clearly is!

1. I've organised all the babies' clothes and then some.

Cleared out EVERYTHING that no longer fits. This is the first time I've thought about how "lucky" I am to not be having any more kids because I don't have to store small clothes!

2. I've given 3 bags of clothes to the other twins.

3. D fetched the high chairs.

4. My friend with the twins gave us sleep sacks so I don't have to find someone to make them.

5. I went to gym twice this week. Felt positively virtuous and rewarded myself by eating not one, but TWO carrot cupcakes.

6. I planned out my gifts for the month.

7. Started writing out my items for my life list.

8. And a biggie, I am teaching myself to let go.

This is part of organising my time.

Remember when I wrote the first Motherstyles post, I said one of my biggest struggles is letting go.

We were talking parenting but I recognise it in so many areas of my life and this was one of the issues that I recognised I need to do some self-coaching on.

So first thing to let go was an easy-ish one. My diary (planner).

I have a GORGEOUS deep red diary/ planner but  I haven't been using it. The same thing happened last year - I thought it was the maternity leave/ baby thing but no. I forget to look in it half the time and then two weeks pass.

No more.

I let go. Even though it cost a bit of money. Even though I'd customised it perfectly. And so on.

On Wed night I had some time to think and I realised I really really really love a week-at-a-glance diary - that's how I plan my life and that's what works best for me.

I had a spare week-at-a-glance diary I got on a sale so I hauled it out and I am so much happier. I planned out the rest of May and it's so EASY doing it like this!

Small steps, people.

What are you working on? Tell me I'm not the only one with issues!

P.S. Don't forget to enter the giveaway.

P.P.S. That is an old pic as I'm too lazy to take a pic and upload it. Keeping it real :)


  1. Oh Marcia, the best planner ever is the Moleskine week to a view with notebook. It's brilliant and I have been using it for years. On the one side is a week to view diary, on the other note paper. I do all my lists, money stuff, everything in there.
    Oh wait, yes, I have a pic here:

    They also have a 18 month one starting mid year and going to end of next year.

    On the to do - I have miles of packing and tyding to do. Just heaps.

  2. Good luck on the organization! We are rearranging rooms in our house to make space for a "play room". Once these boys start moving I'm going to need a safe place for them to hang out while I'm cooking or whatever...

    And PS: You AREN'T the only one with issues! Haha! I'm what I like to call "overly organized" because I go to look for something and can't remember which bin or folder it's in. My computer is the WORST!! :)

  3. Cat I couldn't see a pic in that post but I did a search and this one comes up

    Okay, so you beat me HANDS DOWN on the lists :) I love your little calculations too!

    Shelby, I can't seem to comment on your blog. Have tried lots and lots - and I LOVE the bedding on one of the boys' cots - the monkey ones!

  4. Working on? Garden, flower bed, clearing out 12-month clothes, gym, and scrapbook 2nd year...I'm up to Easter in Hailey's and have yet to start Matt's...I'll get there!

  5. LOL! Marcia, those were breast milk pumped out calculations! Ah, those were the days.

  6. I have a big calendar in our pantry for our family stuff and I keep it all in my Blackberry too. And I have notepads for to-do lists with a planner that I keep the lists organized. I'm not ready to give it up yet.

    But I've been working on surviving the boys stomach bug. I think it's on the outs and this afternoon at work I'm going to clean out my emails and organize the papers in my planner. It's also kind of my mobile office.

  7. I like organizing too. Cleaning, not so much, but organizing, yes!

    I got my shipment today of all of the various things that I think we'll need (from my post the other day). One of the things was a diaper bag, so I enjoyed packing that - although I know we (hopefully) won't need it for a while. I think the hospital will have everything we need, except for the baby clothes and blankets which I've already packed in my bag.


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