Saturday, May 22, 2010

So much easier

Today I did something I've wanted to do for months and somehow never got around to doing.

I went out with one baby.

When I got home from Infertility Support, Connor was whiny and "mum mum mum"-ing so D was only too happy to hand him over.

I cuddled, fed, etc. and put him down for his nap (he wouldn't sleep earlier - D says he was missing me - rubbish!) and then Kendra was awake.

Which is why I don't get the "sleep while the babies sleep" theory.

But I digress.

D was also wiped out so the two boys were sleeping and I decided us two girls should go shopping.

So off we went down the street to Pep to get some slippers, takkies (sneakers) and tops for the babies.

They mess up all their nice stuff with the crawling so I don't see the point of buying more expensive clothes anymore.

By the way, Kendra no longer wears anything light-coloured on the bottom. Only jeans (as dark as possible) and dark colours. No wonder people think she's a boy :)

I didn't bother with a pram. Instead, I took my sling.

The one she hasn't been in for about 6 or 7 months.

At first she sat still, checking all the goings on and then, after about 10 minutes, decided she needed to be FREE.

And so the wriggling commenced.

I quickly finished up my shopping with K half in the sling and half in my arm, with my other arm full of shopping.

Even with my little monkey crawling all over me, it was so, so, SO MUCH EASIER with just one baby.

I think we need to do these one-on-one bonding outings more often.

If you have more than one child, do you split them up and go places with just one?

P.S. The last time I was out alone with Kendra was in October last year for a doctor's appt.


  1. We try as often as we can but with 3 it gets a bit more complicated. We often split into boys and girls but we also try to do alone time each with the boys.

    We are actively after reading Joan Friedman's " Riaising emotionally healthy twins."

  2. Sooooo much easier! We don't do it as often as we'd like (because left-behind-twin usually has an emotional breakdown), but it's SO much easier! Imagine, you can hold packages in one hand and hold the hand of the child at the same time...rather than somehow maneuvering your packages up around your shoulders to hold two little hands. As delicious as twins are, you gotta do something like this every now and then!

  3. Right now, everywhere I go, I have atleast two children, but usually all three. When my husband is home, the one going out takes one kid, the one staying home has two and we switch off who goes and who stays so we get one on one time with each.

  4. With so many doctor's appointments Penny often gets one-on-one parent time while Ned gets one-on-one nanny time. On the weekends we often divide up the kids in the morning for errands but also work in all family outings to the zoo, farm, etc. Ned is not as good about errands as Penny so she is a bit easier to take on them.

  5. We try to take out one baby at a time whenever we get the chance. It's usually grocery shopping or running errands, but it is fun to just concentrate on one baby...and it is DEFINITELY much easier! Sometimes when we are all at the store, Jeremy and I will each take one in our shopping cart and split up for awhile.

    We talk about taking them on special one-on-one outings as they get older, and I think we will stick to it. We all need the individual time every once in awhile!

  6. We do that all time! If we have some running to do we will split the load and the children. Then there are times when one is up and one is down like you had. It is a breeze with just one, I don't know why those singleton moms always complain! The girls are too heavy for me with a sling, perhaps I've gotten in adjusted funny but it is easier on me to carry them. I've also started letting them sit in shopping carts! I really need to get to making a cover, those carts are so dirty! Do you use covers with your carts?

  7. I really need to try to work in some one-on-one time with our girls. My hubby is still a little "deer in headlights", though (even though the girls are 16 1/2 months old!), so it may still be a while...

  8. LOL!

    Mandibula, I don't know if I should be proud of this or ashamed but... our babies have never been in a grocery shop!

    It was easier in the early days for one to stay with babies and the other to quickly do the shop and now, well I still don't like people touching them and telling me stupid things like "double trouble" which seems to be the favourite South African thing to say.

    Cat, do you recommend that book?


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