Sunday, May 09, 2010

Something I didn't realise

Connor - 4 months

When I was pregnant, I think one of the biggest things I kept focussing on was the baby cribs. In South Africa, we call them cots.

I was so excited when they arrived and the nice guys assembled it that I remember taking pics with my cell phone and texting all my friends.

Then came the issue of the bedding.

My one friend, Caren, told me that babies don't even use quilts and duvets and that the room is only for us mothers, but I was hell-bent on getting cute neutral stuff for them.

I traipsed up and down the mall looking for suitable bedding with that big belly of mine.

I shudder to think that I spent R300 for ONE baby duvet cover. My word! What was I thinking?

Let's blame it on the hormones.

Interestingly enough, I just got the cots sorted out and then the the babies were born. Literally 24 hours later!

When they were home from NICU, I got what Caren was talking about.

Yes, they had cute cribs but no-one was sleeping in them :)

Now when pregnant women go on and on and on about the baby's cribs, I smile on the inside and think, "you won't even CARE what that crib looks like"

Were you also focussed on the baby's crib?


Speaking of shopping.... the kind folks at CSN stores are sponsoring a giveaway.

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All you have to do to enter is:
  1. leave a comment on this post telling me what colour your baby's/ children's room is.
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that's it!

P.S. Since CSN only ships to the US and Canada, this giveaway is only open to people from those countries. (however, I still want to hear about your bedding obsession :))


  1. hehe I totally relate :) Minxy's room is a grown up shade of pale green with silver and black curtains. I refused to 'baby down' her room. Mean huh? BUT she has a couple of gorgeous vintage quilts - at the moment they just hang off the end of her cot on the 'sleighs'. I did obsess slightly about her sheets too and in the end I did go for high thread count cotton. But if we have another baby? I doubt that I'll give it more than a fleeting thought ;)

    Happy Mother's Day >:D<

  2. Since the twins aren't our first children, we totally got it. We actually decided not to paint the boys room yet, so it's still the standard construction cream color. We want to wait until they are about 2 and move to big boy beds and they can help decide what color they want their room. That's what we did with Phoebe.

    We also didn't care too much about the crib. We have once crib that was Phoebe's and matches the dressers. The second crib we got is from my friend who's daughter had moved out of it. I did get new boyish crib sheets and my niece did make Dr. Seuss themed crib quilts which was so sweet!!!!

  3. My twins were our first and I really wasn't focused on room or crib. We bought used (gasps! I know!) drop rail cribs, a few crib sheets and called it a day. Their dresser/changing table was also purchased used. I eventually bought "breathable" mesh bumpers when Penny started sticking her feet out of the crib. I did buy these weird "snap" waterproof sheets but they were a nightmare and my kids only spit up a little so I just kept a burb cloth under their heads. We didn't have duvets or pillows or stuffed animals or anything. Even now we have just a few stuffed animals/lovies and that is it! No toys in the room - just some books. For Spyder I am putting a TV in her room because I'll be using that as our sitting room/nursery while I'm on leave because N&P will have the run of the house downstairs with the nanny.

  4. You know the circumstance surrounding our Ava's arrival, we pretty much didn't know we were going to be parents till 6 days before she was born so no time to obsess about anything. I got a second hand crib from a friend but did spend a bit of money on her bedding etc but its turned out to be well worth it as she's been sleeping in her crib in her own room since she was 2 weeks old. Different strokes for different folks but at the end of the day I'm an extremely light sleeper and having her in our room meant I wasn't getting any sleep. So for me the whole crib debate is highly dependant on whether you plan to have baby in their own room from the start or not. And I must say, frivorlous or not, her beautiful, pink, butterfly bedroom gives me great pleasure! :-)

  5. My youngest son's room has a Go Diego Go theme so lots of blues and greens. When my oldest was younger he loved dinosaurs so he had dinosaur everything and the colors were alot of green, greay, brown. Now that he's older, it's mostly black and army print. I always thought it would be so much more fun to decorate for a girl!


  6. I'm a new follower


  7. You just made me think of something so funny. When we finally got around to washing the kids' bedding, we totally made the bed...quilt turned down and everything. I loved it.

    It will NEVER look like that again!!!

    Get them home and they only had their fitted depressing!

    Our kids' room is light blue...I think the name of the color was Spa. I wanted it to be a color that I liked in case we couldn't get pregnant and had to turn it into an office...we got lucky though.

  8. I pretty much realized that they would not use the blankets that came with their crib set, but I spent a lot of time picking out the design I wanted anyway...thinking they might use the quilts later. We also spent a lot of time researching and picking out the actual cribs...we wanted something sturdy and well-made that would convert to big beds so we can use them for years. We got it! (And they should last forever...their two cribs cost nearly as much as our bedroom set!) Their bedding is a very girly paisley-pinks and lime green. I still love it!

  9. And of course, I'm a follower of your blog! : )

  10. Through the years I've learned what you need and what can wait. I had the crib all set up with the gorgeous bedding for my first... my second used his hand me downs... my third did get some new bedding.
    By the time Lili was born, we didn't even bother setting up the crib until she was about 9 or 10 months old- I knew she'd end up in our bed.

    For the twins, we bought just one crib and bedding set, I figured when they outgrew sharing we'd get another- and my mom bought the second set for them for Christmas. We still haven't painted, although we finally did buy the paint for the walls recently. They've got an airplane theme, in red and blue for their room.

  11. I'm a follower :)

  12. With Kendra - we bought a crib and neutral blue, and used it for storage and got a changing table that fit across the top.

    With Vannan - we reused what we bought for Kendra. Again, didn't really use it.

    With Joel, no room for a crib, but fixed up the cradle that we were given. He actually used it most of the time. But, like the sisters, slept in our bed at night. We eventually upgraded to the pack n play.

    With LaRue, we didn't even pull out the cradle. We did put up the pack n play for storage and the changing table that is built in ... but she doesn't have a bed at all. Or a room.

    We've never painted a room for any of the kids - just the generic white that came on the walls.

  13. I've been a long time follower - from your other blog.

  14. I started a quilting course when I was just pregnant, and so the first quilt I made was a baby quilt. (I've used it once when it was very cold in the cot, otherwise D sleeps in his sleeping bag) It was quite a challenge choosing colours that would go for a boy or girl's room.(I did not find out the sex) In the end I chose a fabric that I loved by Kafe Fasset - blues/purples/gold/red/greens, and oh boy, I agonised over what colour to do the blinds and chair. In the end the whole room is pretty neutral apart from colour in the chair and accessories. My father was horrified that his grandchild would live with porridge walls as he calls it! LOL.

  15. Although we have G/G twins, I chose not to paint the nursery pink. I had the walls painted a pale green to match the (unused!) quilts I bought, which are primarily yellow with green trim, and some pastel pink flowers. I didn't completely omit pink from their room, but I figured that they would be asking for Barbie pink soon I might as well do something more soothing while I got to choose! :)


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