Friday, May 07, 2010

Stuff and more stuff

A week late ... but better late than never, right?!

I've fallen off the goal-setting wagon a bit over the last month or two and I want to post here so you'll all keep me accountable.

I have been shocking with gym (not going), shocking with eating properly, my pants are tight and it's winter.

All of which is not a very good combination.

So for May, these are some things on my to-do list:

Me stuff
  • Go to gym twice every week for the rest of the month
  • Get a massage
  • Stop eating chocolate (get chocolate fix from Weigh-less hot chocolate)
  • Read one book a week (this will mean I have to factor in an hour a night so less computer time)
  • Finish two of the three half-read baby books (I can't resist - maybe there's a secret there that's the answer to all my problems????)
  • Finish the blogging on Motherstyles
  • Work on my issues (seriously, I have tons of stuff I want to self-coach on - I have a list and a folder full of stuff - am thinking a coffee date weekly for an hour with my laptop and my thoughts as a reward for going to gym twice)
  • Plan some gifts (some ad-hoc, unexpected gifts that I can surprise people with - the goal 4 a month - 1 down, 3 to go)
  • Update and add to my life list. Do you have a life list?

House stuff
  • Have gates painted.
  • Have outside walls painted.
  • Choose paint colour for our bedroom and my study
  • Look for coat rack
  • Look for new entrance hall table
  • Get gardener to clean out garage!!!
  • Evict tenants

(We decided even though we're not selling our house, why should we only pretty it up for strangers to live in it??? We deserve freshly painted walls too!)

Baby stuff
  • Finish organising their clothes - it is actually organised but I bought some more baskets to keep the drawers neat so need to do final touches.
  • Drop off more clothes with the other twins
  • Get high chairs (I told a twin friend that I'd buy her 2nd hand ones)
  • Decide on the baby dedication and while I'm at it, the baby party. *sigh* (yet another blog post)
  • Get someone to make a big sleep sack for Connor (he has almost outgrown his current "one size fits all" one)

Business stuff

Decide what I'm doing with the business. Another blog post.

It seems like a lot but I get more done when there's more to do. Make sense? If I hardly have anything on, I feel quite slothful :)

What's on your list for May?

P.S. The babies are 10 months old today. All I can say is GOSH!


  1. So please tell me what a life list is.

    If you do not come right with the high chairs - I have two at an excellent price.

    I am also going to do twice a week gym at least and my reading challenge to myself set out for 3 books a month - I managed to do that last year and good so far this year.

    I love your gift idea.

  2. Cat, a life list is basically a bucket list. A list of all the things you want to do before you die (!).

    I see variations of this on the web are things like 40 things before I turn 40, etc, etc.

    It's great - it forces you to first set the intention so you actually start attracting the right people and resources to help you reach your life goals, and then also you automatically start making plans.

    Going to Ireland was on my life list and I've now been twice!

  3. No! Less computer time? So sad ;)

    There is no hidden answers...use the books as a centerpiece and lie when people have asked if you read them. That's what I do!

  4. I'm jealous of all your planning and "you time"! I have so much to do but just let everything go. I'm such a slacker. I really love your gifting idea! REALLY!

    I did manage to reserve a pavilion for the girls' birthday party. Ack! Now I really have to get into action. What are you planning to do?

  5. Happy 10 months little sweeties!!! :) D went to her first 1st birthday party today. The first of her cohort. That scared me. Before we blink they'll be 5. Sigh!!

    Your list is fabulous - I will take a look at that stuff I said I would, I too just need to sort myself out. Unfortunately, a bit like you, part of that means less computer time :( I just can't wing it any other way.

    Happy weekending :)

  6. I'm technically stopping by from Multiples and More, but I see your comments on several of the blogs I follow. Nice to finally "meet" you.

    I, too, am a list-maker. I've fallen off a bit over the past couple of lists seemed to be overtaking the kitchen counter, and they were making me even crazier. :) You're inspiring me to organize them this weekend, though, and get back on track. Here goes!


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