Friday, May 21, 2010

Um yes, totally done

Oddly enough, even though Eve lives right near me, we've never met.

D delivered the GonalF plus an "all the best" card to our wonderful fertility clinic and Eve collected it at her next appointment.

Maybe it was a little strange that I went to visit her in the hospital. She had her baby boys on Wednesday at 38 weeks 4 days (I am in AWE!) at a scheduled Caesar (no drama whatsoever).

I didn't think it was strange since we've emailed a lot and sent text messages back and forth but then again, I am weird, and this year I'm about just doing things and not thinking so much.

(speaking about weird, I just went "Mmmmm" when I had a spoonful of plain, low fat yoghurt - is there anything better?!)

Also I know how much I appreciate visits and I like to make people feel a little bit special.

So off I went and amazingly I didn't get lost. I can get lost very easily even if I've been to a place before.

They let me go into the NICU and a nurse told me to hold the one baby after washing hands, of course.

Oh my word!


Cute, wrinkly, newborn goodness.

They are SO very precious when that small.

I hardly knew what to do or how to hold him (we forget so quickly!) but I pretended and figured it out.

They are both just so gorgeous and yet...

I realised for sure there is no way I want the responsibility of such tiny babies again. No way.

Apparently the absolute craziness of the first 3 months scared me way too much.

How/ when did you know (finally) that you were done?

And these kids weren't even tiny. The one boy, D, at 3.2 kg was double what Kendra weighed! The other one, J, was a very healthy 2.5 kg.

She had 5,7 kg of baby inside her - amazing. I told her she's a rock star :)

And look how good she looks!

The hospital is set in these gorgeous surroundings. When I had my laparoscopy in 2008, the room I was in overlooked this deliciousness. Not-so-little gifts from God.

I really wanted to have the babies here until I heard about the extra R4 500 I'd have to pay ABOVE what the medical aid would cover.
Also, Dr C only delivered babies at the hospital around the corner from my house. In the end it all worked out - I had brilliant nurses, a good recovery and because of the NICU stay, great that it was 2 minutes away vs 15 minutes.
Eve and I discovered we're now with the same gynae as Dr C's emigrated to New Zealand (I am jealous - the COLD!) and his patients have been transferred to her gynae.

I leave you with some twin cuteness observed just this morning. V was changing their sheets so she put them both in the other cot. They were quite happy with Kendra laying on Connor with her feet hanging out.

How often do you change your babies' sheets?

We do every week unless they mess on them before that. My friend, Ilse, said she does them daily.

I was horrified - imagine all the laundry! :)

P.S. New trick I'm not too thrilled about - they rip each other's dummies out of the mouth and then suck it themselves! Here in the pic they've just done that. Ugh LOL


  1. A massive congratulations to Eve on the arrival of her boys!
    As for having more, I'm still undecided. As you can imagine, our first three months were pretty horrific having only found out we were too be parents 6 days before Ava was born, talk about massive adjustment in short time, no 9 months of preparation for us. But, we have been blessed with a baby that makes parenting seem really easy, so both W & I are open to the idea of another, we're playing with the idea for now.
    Ava's bedding gets changed weekly also, unless she messes on it. But she doesn't actually sleep in her bedding, she sleeps on top of her duvet inside a baby sleeping bag.

  2. Sharon, we also love our sleep sacks.

    I was just writing a mail to my MIL telling her that Connor sleeps in a pink one now *the horror* because we got given two from "my friend with the twins" and free is free :)

  3. I change every week too.

    Eve did so well - I am so happy for her. A pity the kids are in NICU - I would have hoped that at 38 weeks they would not need it. I hope they get out soon.

    I knew I was done the moment the twins were born and declared healthy. I will never recover from those first 3 months!. (And I carried a full 6 kgs!)

  4. Cat, I don't think it's NICU properly - I didn't quite get it - the sign on the door said NICU but they wheel the babies in and out to her room and back, so it seems like maybe one section is the NICU and the other is normal nursery.

    They are TOTALLY fine!

    LOL (thanks for the great laugh) - you were very clear on "done" :)

  5. And indeed it IS v v cold today my dear, and murky.... you'd love it!! :)

    @Sharon - I'm going to have to come and stalk your blog. You had no idea? I'm so intrigued.

    Back to you...

    We love our sleep sacks too. Ours are merino - two weights - one for above 17 degrees, and one for below. Guess which D's wearing tonight, along with 2 blankets and her heater on? And as for sheet, hmmm probably once a week. Not on a rigid schedule because chances are she'll need it changed before then.

    That hospital did look amazing. But it's about the docs/convenience/care rather than the beauty huh?

    The dummy trick is cute. No worse that D's play groups where the babies take turns sucking on the same toys. I've gotten over the cringe aspect now.

    I don't think we're done. Had PE reappeared and/or a <30 weeker, we would be. But it didn't, so the risk seems worth the reward.

    Eve looks like a supermodel after a c-section. I want what she's having :)

  6. Im so proud of Eve! Remember we both organised to get our left over Gonal F to her? Wow, seems like ages ago!

  7. I know, Dee - they feel like "our babies" in a really weird way. :)

    Saffy, Sharon adopted a baby girl - protected blog.

    And yes, sadly, Eve puts us all to shame with her gorgeousness LOL

  8. P.S. Saffy, see that's what I love about blogging - different perspectives.

    Now see, I didn't even THINK about quality of care, etc. I wanted lovely surroundings and a great view. At the time, D said, "you're going to have BABIES, not going on a holiday" HA!

    And also with the dummies - on the bright side, at least they're using each other's dummies, not other kids. That would seriously gross me out. Keeping the germs in our family and all that jazz!

  9. She looks great (I looked like ass for weeks)! Congrats!!!

    I couldn't imagine doing sheets every day...I just couldn't imagine. I'd say every 2 weeks???

    No more newborns in this house's not my thing!

  10. Congrats to Eve!

    I am in SHOCK that someone would wash sheets daily. I am a little ashamed to say that I go weeks between washes of Henrys sheets unless I know they are dirty. Pretty much it is a "when I think about it" thing.

    On the other hand, he spends most of his sleeping time in our bed anyway :)

  11. Sarah, I admire her non-laziness. I am way too lazy for daily, sometimes even weekly :)

    And yes, there's no need - H is in your bed. Oh, I love snuggly babies :)

  12. Sheets every 2 weeks for us - when the cleaning service comes in we leave a fresh one and they change it - same for my bed too. I'll let you know how I feel after I give birth to Spyder if I am "done" - I am getting a little nervous about dealing with a newborn!

  13. Congratulations to Eve! I knew we were going to be done when my second successful pregnancy was done. This was before I knew it was twins, or boys or girls. It was 9 years in the making from the last successful one, so I didn't want to do it again. Now that we know we ended up with two boys and we have our 9-year-old daughter, it really seems that this is how our family is supposed to be. It feels complete in a way that it never did when it was just the three of us. Even Phoebe used to ask when we were going to adopt because, "I don't think you're ever getting pregnant, Mom!" Yes, she did say that. She did ask me recently if we were going to try to have another girl, "Don't you want to give me a baby sister?" I told her no, especially as I couldn't promise it wouldn't be another brother. She won't be asking that question again.

    We change all our sheets weekly unless something happens that causes it to need to happen sooner.

  14. Um...yes, we are done!!! I know you were shocked the other day to hear that I would like another one...and it is true, I would love another baby. BUT, don't ask me why because the the newborn stage was just so tough, it would be financially draining and also because I feel like Heather does...I feel like our family is complete! :)

  15. Having more.... I am 99% sure we're done. Well maybe 95%. Ugh. Aaron says he's 100%, but he said that several babies ago. He kinda goes with the flow. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I should probably blog about it LOL

    Sheets- When they're yucky. Probably not as often as I should.

  16. We are probably done unless in a few years it happens more fertility intervention for us!

    We, I mean, I wash sheets weekly as well unless sooner is needed! No way I'd wash them daily!

  17. Changing sheets... weekly, duvets every 2 weeks... D's sheets - when I think of it!
    NO, not done - I could do this over and over, I loved being pregnant and I think I would be sad if nr 2 was the last time. I also loved the newborn stage. Although at the time I remember thinking how fragile he was and how pleased I was when he was a bit bigger.


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