Thursday, June 03, 2010

As if there isn't enough chaos in my life...

We got handed over to lawyers by the City of Johannesburg.


I received a text message on my phone, flipped out (seriously) and within minutes I was on the phone to them. While I'm on the phone, I email my husband and he calmly replies, "yes, I know, they emailed a letter to me".

He likes to pretend he doesn't have a personal life at work so he simply sent the letter to our home email.


Despite the nice man on the phone assuring me that Nolan (City of Jhb rep) would call me back that day, I should have known better.

I am still waiting for Nolan's call ... this all went down on Monday.

The amount of money they want from us is R2900, not too bad in the grand scheme of things (about 3 X what our bill should be).

I don't mind paying it (as I told the nice man - he really was VERY nice probably because he could tell I was THIS close to the edge) but I want to know that it is my actual bill and the amount is valid.

Our account went into "discrepancy" last year (letter is dated 3 Dec) and we were told to keep paying (which I have been doing) and they'd let us know when it was sorted out.

By "sorted out" they meant that an actual person would come read the meter and submit the actual readings so the account could be reconciled.

Real, live persons have been to our home FOUR times in the 7 months but not one of those readings is on their system.

We have also had absolutely NO communication from them since that letter in Dec.

Can you see why I'm cross?

The letter says they're going to disconnect our electricity if it's not paid by Sunday (what on earth?!), which really means Friday.

I wanted to know if my latest payment is included in the R3000 so D phoned CoJ last night. This person tells him the balance is actually R8200.

Yes, friends, I FLIPPED!

So guess where D is today? Queuing in Jorissen Street (City Centre) to try and sort this thing out.

Normally he hates all this admin/ drama and I do it all but last night he got home and said, "we have to sort this out; we have BABIES!"

On the one hand it is sad, sad, SAD that he only cares about this nonsense now... but whatever the reason, he's sorting it out so my blood pressure will remain normal for another day or so...

P.S. All this rubbish cropping up means I don't have time to post my to-do list for June and how I did on all that stuff in May. And I want to do my life list too.

Work is busy, I'm interviewing for a new team PA plus I work very closely with a guy from the UK who flies out for two weeks a month (this week and next) so busy busy busy with meetings galore.

P.P.S. My friend and I are going to see Sex and the City next week. I decided I'll be honest if she then tries to make a couple plan - she knows me well enough - and say something like "D says it's probably best if the two of us go for coffee, etc. otherwise it's going to be YEARS before we get together"


  1. Ugh. You need this like a hole in the head ;) Fingers and toes crossed that D gets to the bottom of it today. Scary to think of no power. I'm sure it won't come to that - I have faith that you'll sort it :) Grrr bureaucrats!!!

  2. You have a blogger award on my blog. :)

  3. Oh my goodness! I hope all this gets resolved soon.

  4. How hard is it for people to properly do their jobs?? Ugh I don't know how you handle this, I would have been livid and in their faces. And isn't it getting cooler now? Are they allowed to shut the heat off, they aren't here. I'd be speaking to everyone and recording my meetings, that is crazy! I hope it all ends well, and soon!

  5. Ugh, the joys! I hope all gets sorted soon. I love the quote you have ready for your friend. Perfect non comital type thingy.

  6. Well, guess what?

    D's back and they say we owe R9000-odd.

    And made him sign something to pay it off over 12 months.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE for my account to be that high but we can't get anyone to give us proper answers. I am writing to the newspapers.

  7. Oh, I'm so sorry you have to deal with this rubbish. I have a friend here who is dealing with something similar, and the time she has had to invest into straightening it out is maddening...and she DOESN'T have two small children!

    I'm sending you calming thoughts and hoping everything is resolved quickly - and correctly. :) Hang in there!

  8. I just had time to read your blog from today! How crazy!!! I'm glad your electricity isn't going to be cut off! I can't imagine how very mad you must have been!


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