Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Dentist

I survived!

A touch melodramatic maybe but if you're okay with needles, you won't quite appreciate my terror.

I hate them.

And therefore I hate dentists. Says she who had 2 IVFs and a gazillion needles in my tummy!

Although I must add that my current dentist is The Best Dentist Ever.

My first dentist moved to Australia and I had to find another so I phoned around to find another. When I phoned this particular practice, I whispered to the receptionist, "Hi, I'm a big baby and I actually hate dentists so I need the nicest, gentlest dentist you have."

She immediately said, "oh, that'll be Dr S" who is indeed lovely.

She's gorgeous, young, calm and so nice I didn't even hate her when she was pregnant TWICE during the last 4 years. While I was going through infertility.

Anyway, so I hadn't been for TWO years due to IVFs, pregnancy and then the babies.

And amazingly, my teeth are still perfect. She said it's amazing but the pregnancy doesn't seem to have affected my teeth.

So no work needed. Yay!

I was in and out in about 15 minutes, and that includes x-rays and time checking them out.

What's worse for you? Dentist or gynae?

For me, definitely dentist :)


In other news, I think I'm spending too much time on the computer!

How do I know this?

Because again, I'm not getting all my reading done.

Last month my goal was 5 and I finished 4.

This month, my goal is still 5 and so far I've finished 1 (about 20 pages left and I'll be done with number 2). We're already half way through the month!


Last night my goal was to be off the computer by 10 pm. I got off at 10.20 and was in bed at 10.50. Read until 11.30 and then light's off.

40 minutes a night (that was a good night as it was early for me) is not going to do it.

So I need to get living more and computing less :)

My goal is no more than 2 hours on the computer a day (from home).

How much time do you spend on the computer a day?

And now it's 8.45 pm and I'm committing to get off here by 9:30 after checking my newsletter and then a quick run-through of the content I'm talking about tomorrow (yay! so excited that my bags are already packed with handouts and whatnot.


  1. Hope your speech goes well tomorrow!

    And seriously??? I'd go to the dentist once a week if I only had to go to the GYN once every ten years! :) Glad your dentist appointment went so well!

  2. See, I'm on the side with you and total opposite from Mandy...I'd go to the GYN once a week (or at least once a month) if I could only go to the dentist every 10 years! I've had so much dental work done this year, you'd think I would be past the fear, but I'm so not. I still hate it.

    I am reading a TON more at night right now, so there have actually been nights when I didn't even pick up the computer at home. If I do get on, I spend about two hours or so...unless I get caught up in something good. : ) I'm usually in bed by 10, unless I'm caught up in a good book that I feel like I HAVE to finish, like last night!

    I hope your presentation goes well! I'm sure it will! : )

  3. Hmmm...I don't have to shave to go to the dentist! Hahahahaaaaa...

    Too much time on the computer! I don't even want to log it b/c I'll embarrass myself!

  4. I'm more a hate the GYN. Dentists for me are no big deal. I'm in and out, as apparently my teeth are always very easy to clean. Not much issues ever.

    Hope the presentation goes well.

  5. Bravo for going to the dentist. I have been avoiding it since my dentist informed me I would need a very expensive tooth implant thingy. Ewww. Definitely the dentist is worse!

    I used to spend 8.5hrs a day at work on the computer, plus 3 - 4 hours at night. Now I'm a "lady of leisure" I've cut it back to about 3 hours total. But it's still a struggle to get through all the blogs I'm subscribed to! Everyone has such a compelling story to tell. :D

  6. Oh the dentist is way worse. And I have huge teeth issues.


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