Sunday, June 06, 2010

Finally, they're dedicated

An amazing thing happened once I got clear on what I wanted for the baby dedication.

I started to get excited!

I don't know if it was excitement about the actual dedication, getting it done, seeing friends or what.

But I realised something then (a mere week ago).

That I have to do what's right for me and stop thinking about all the shoulds.

The day finally arrived and it was perfect (for us).

  • babies dressed in normal clothes (still cute, but normal clothes)
  • 10 adults plus the babies
  • catered food which was very very good (sent home doggy bags with guests)
  • bought cupcakes (plus my SIL also made some very pretty ones that were gone before I could even get out the camera)
  • only about 10 pics taken in total
  • my MIL did the dedication (and it was SO the right thing to do - she again said how honoured she was and I may have even teared up a bit) so short, sweet and to the point
  • babies were very well-behaved, a bit shell-shocked (Robz, exactly like yesterday!) but... no screaming
  • but the main thing...God was here
I had a chance to spend quality, one-on-one time with my friends and family which is something I love to do (yes, I'm an "E" but have that intimacy outlier which craves true connection).

So that's it! Done!

Next up is the babies' first birthday party and then I can relax for a whole year :)

Yesterday we went to our third birthday party (the first twins from the infertility group turned two) which I was not keen on only because we left late and there was traffic to high heaven.

Very glad I went - got to see my friends and best of all, NO milestones or mummy bragging talk! LOL

Do you have personal "policies" about birthday parties? Do you accept everything you're invited to (if you're free)?

Let me tell you why I ask.

D and I like LOTS of down-time. Because I'm so busy during the week I like lazy, lazy weekends. And this month alone we could have 7 socials on weekends which is way too much for me so I've decided not to go to one of them.

I asked D, "what are our rules?"

We had rules in the pre-preg days of no more than 3 nights out during the work week - we were in ministry then and it got really busy. If you don't watch out, you can get burnt out FAST.

First thing D said was, "does it mean if someone invites us that we have to invite them".

Gosh, I don't know - I don't think so but who knows. I'm sure there's some mother etiquette I break all the time. Then again, it's so boring to follow all the rules, isn't it? I do like being a bit edgy.

One thing I do know - I will not be at my children's beck and call socially :)

So we're thinking through our "rules" for the weekends.

But please share yours!

Otherwise, how was your weekend?

P.S. The electricity account might be valid... based on one person's email to me. Would still love to hear from the other Jhb people (or is this like a "what's your salary?" question - top secret???)

P.P.S. Too lazy to download pics


  1. Is dedication the same as a baptism? Ours was also simple and perfect for us. Last thing I did before my maternity leave ended. As for social engagements I say one activity a day MAX on the weekends. None during the week unless it is very special. We now try to do things that involve the kids since we don't have a regular sitter. I'm the social director. :)

  2. Ours was pretty simple...a bit too much of Husband's family for my liking, but whatever. The kids were dressed in basic Gap clothes if I remember correctly...and we didn't take many pictures either.

    The I dread this! We don't make it to everything. We do what is best for us. If we can't make it to something, we don't feel the need to give some elaborate excuse...we simply say, "it's not going to work for us." We don't have rules yet.

    Weekend...good, but Matt has some rash on his body that I need to get checked tomorrow...I think this means another week of no's really starting to bother me...who am I? ;)

  3. I need to make up a policy! We've been making the rules as we go alone. We are very introverted, pre and post babies, so I think we are only invited places when people really want to see the girls. Luckily I work on the weekends so we have an easy out all the time! We are hoping to have a cook-out for their first birthday but who do you invite?

    Sorry to hear about the electric issue, I hope it's wrong and fades quickly. I'm glad the dedication went well, I'm sure it's a burden off your shoulders. Do you have any ideas floating through your head about the birthday party? I need to blog my ideas for some feedback.

  4. So glad that the dedication went so well! All of that worry for nothing! What plans do you have for their birthday? It's coming up VERY soon!!!

    My rules on events aren't steadfast or stated aloud, but if I'm available and want to go or know that it'd mean a lot to the host, I will make every attempt to go. And, I try to invite everyone possible. If someone invited me first, it makes me think that maybe they care more than I thought they did or more than I did before, so I try to make sure to invite them to my event as well. I usually go big on everything, though, because party planning is at the heart of everything I love to do.

  5. Congratulations on their dedication.

    Parties, well we have decided one thing - we do not all have to go to every party. So sometimes I go with all 3, or just me and the princess. We do what works for us.

    Nopw you should see our water bill for this month - R3000,00 only on water! Let's hope that the pipe we had fixed solve the issue.

  6. Glad the dedication went well. :)
    Sounds really sweet.

  7. We dedicate babies in our church because we feel you can only make a decision to get baptised when you're "of age" LOL

    So, no water on the forehead stuff. We really do some scriptures and pray over the babies, dedicating them to God.

    Mandibula & Mandy P, my ideas are very sparse too - I may keep it like that but I also think I should blog later this week and see what you guys can add????

    Cat, that water bill would tip me right over the edge. I'm already teetering very close. This morning I told V that when I get home we are talking electricity (how to reduce). At least I'm good with an action plan :)

  8. YAYYYYYY for it going so well hon. It sounded so incredibly chilled - just the way to focus on what's important - your precious babies.

    On that note, do we call our babies 'babies' after they turn 1? What's the protocol on that??

    And I'm keen to know more about birthday party etiquette too. Incl do you have to invite everyone who invites you to theirs (even if you don't go)? and presents, what does one spend on a present for a child? We are so out of the loop on this whole discussion.

    D went to her 1st 1st birthday party a few weeks back. There were about 4 little kids there and about 50 adults. You couldn't see the kids/babies for the adults' legs. Seriously. We don't want that kind of party for D. She hated it, the noise, the people - so want to go small. But have to invite family. Ah the social dilemmas :)

    I can't believe that power bill can be valid. Our average power bill would be about US$175ish.

    And tagging on a FB convo here - about the kids hitting into stuff? D seems to be getting better. Putting foam pipe insulation on the corners of our coffee table (shudder!) has made a huge difference too.

    Sorry for the long ramble - lots to say :)


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