Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Our new Salton wall heater for the babies’ room was sporting a beautiful crack down the middle so we had to get another one.

We went to a gigantic hardware store near our house and put the kids in proper grocery trolley for the first time.

(The trolley in Sunday’s post is from Macro - I was DELIGHTED when I saw it – had to have them in it and take some cute twin pics. It’s actually meant for bigger kids because we had to strap them in and put some blankets around them so they wouldn’t slide around but anyway, anything for the pics)

Connor sat in the front and Kendra stood in the back the entire time. We wheeled it v e r y slowly so she wouldn’t be thrown loose. That girl has a grip and a half though.

Anyway, the point of all this is Kendra has learned to flirt.

I don’t know WHERE she picked this up but she is doing this thing where she cocks her head and smiles at people. She likes men with beards the most though (D has a little beard).

It is HILARIOUS but also a bit worrying!

Connor is still my sulky teenager and only smiles if he is TRULY delighted – going outside, seeing cool lights, in the bath, etc.

On Sunday we went for lunch with very good friends of ours.

He is very much like D – tall, dark hair and beard, specs and the same calm demeanor and Kendra was SMITTEN.

Smiling, flirting, talking.

After she got used to the new environment, she crawled to him and was happily with him for hours.

Can I just say how lovely it is to have a house with absolutely no clutter? The only thing we had to move was the vegetable rack with potatoes in the kitchen. It was actually so relaxing to be there aside from the fabulous company.

Connor was doing his own thing… crawling around. Suddenly he looked at Jana, gave her the Biggest Smile Ever and then that was it. They were buddies.


J & P told us that they’ll be happy to babysit anytime. We might just take them up on it J

Do you go out often without kids? What do you do for babysitting or do you take your baby/ies with you?

P.S. My brother was up here for a few days and we had our 3rd free babysitting session, this time on a Saturday night. It’s a big thing for us because D’s mom only drives during the day (Jhb…crime…etc.) and so we’ve only asked her to look after the babies twice before.


  1. Oh little Kendra! She'll be breakin' hearts soon enough :)

    As for sitters, we usually have to pay a sitter if we want go out at night. My free help (mom and sister) has dried up (sniff, sniff!) so now we have a couple girls we call if we need someone.

    The going rate here in my town is about $10/hour (this is just a babysitter rate - NOT a nanny rate). The sitter I use most frequently also sits for a friend of mine and she pays her $12/hr so I have to as well. Because of that, we have her come 30 minutes before the kids go to sleep so she does pajamas, story and good night while we get to an early dinner and have more time out of the house.

  2. We haven't been out without the kids since the twins were born. We really never get a sitter. The other night though, since we're visiting family, we left the twins with my mother and took the other five to the movies.

  3. That's so cute about Kendra! I missed those pictures the first time around on your last post, but they are PRECIOUS in those carts. Don't you just feel like they look so grown up doing things like that?

    Jeremy and I are due for a date night soon. It's been awhile. We went to a baseball game and were gone the whole day back in May, but nothing since then. Since my mom keeps the girls all week, I try not to ask her to babysit. I have an aunt and cousin who are usually more than happy to spend some time with the girls and let us get out for awhile. Also, Jeremy's parents are not too far away, so they help some too. I'm ready for a dinner out at a nice restaurant, without having to pick food up off the floor or hold a child on my lap...so I think we will have a date night soon!

  4. Oh my, quite little flirters. Our little man C is the worst little flirt you have ever seen. With those blue eyes, he is a real ladie's man.

    We try to go out once a month and pay nanny Lucy - but that is week nights mostly. My cousin does help us
    out now and again. ANd my MIL when she visits.


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