Saturday, June 12, 2010

Honest scrap award

Shelby, thank you for my Honest Scrap award.

I'm so pleased but now you know I suck at doing these timeously because I always have TONS to talk about.

So… here's how this works. By accepting the award, I have to post 10 things about myself. Since this blog is mostly about the boys, it shouldn't be hard to find 10 things you don't all already know about me.

Nevertheless, here are 10 things you don't yet know about me.
  1. I can't sleep in sleepshirts. They have to be proper pajamas with tops and bottoms, and preferably flannel in winter.
  2. While we're talking about sleep, I have a thing for slippers. I think I have about 5 pairs, 2 I'm using and 3 new pairs, "spare" in cupboard.
  3. I have very, very, very curly hair that drives me absolutely batty. If I could have straight hair, I'd do it in a heartbeat. The weird thing is whenever I leave it to do its thing, people actually like it.
  4. I consciously made a choice to stop doing all the "social director" stuff at work - birthday gifts, baby showers, etc. - because I didn't want to be seen as only good enough for that kind of thing.
  5. I love, love, love John Grisham's "The Painted House". It is SO UNLIKE any of his other books (which I also enjoy) but somehow, this book just does it for me.
  6. When I like something, I buy it in all the colours they have that suit me :) That's why you'll see I wear the same type of top in about 7 different colours.
  7. I honestly, seriously, no-jokes have a problem in that I can't seem to stop buying journals and notebooks.
  8. I stopped wearing heels when I started work at this company 5 years ago and it is virtually impossible for me to balance in them anymore. I bought that skirt I mentioned a few months ago and the other day, well, I nearly twisted my ankles in my heels. On the bright side, my legs looked good!
  9. My massage therapist told me to get a mole on my back checked out as it "looks funny" and the best is... they can only see me in November. I told them, "if it's cancerous, I may be dead by then" LOL (I don't really think it is, which is why I'm making stupid jokes).
  10. I only watch happy movies. D calls them formulaic. My thing is ... life is tough already, I want to feel good and positive when I go to the movies.

Hmmm, I tag Dee (who found out this week she's having TRIPLETS), Rebecca, and whoever else wants to play along.


  1. Thanks for playing along! Too funny about the pajamas. I'm the TOTAL opposite! :)

  2. I liked "The Painted House", too. I just finished Grisham's book of short stories, "Ford County" last night. I'm not normally a huge fan of short stories, but I really enjoyed these.


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