Friday, June 18, 2010

Our first "crafty" project

Well, I had this bright idea of making a Father's Day card for D with the babies' handprints on the inside.

I tried to paint on their hands with washable paint. Didn't work - the paintbrush was so small and I have extremely squirmy babies. So I had the second bright idea - food colouring.

I put some blue food colouring (the only one I had because I used to make bath goodies in the days when I had lots of time on my hands) in a bit of water.

V dipped their hands and I pressed the hands onto the project board.

Messy but, well, let's call it authentic.

The liquid evaporated and... you can hardly see their hands.

But best of all, my babies are now sporting lovely blue hands. The colouring didn't quite come off despite vigorous washing.


This is why you should not attempt to be Crafty Mom if you know that's not where your strengths lie :)

What, if anything, are you doing for Father's Day?

Edited to add pics


  1. Too funny! I was hoping you'd have pictures too :-)

  2. We did hand prints, what a MESS! I was so unprepared for the squirming! I figured that they would willing sit on my lap for 2 minutes. I did opt for an ink pad though. They are far from perfect looking but we got to job done. Now I just need to do something with these random hand prints on a page!

  3. We did hand prints for Father's Day, too, but I found finger paints from Crayola. It was still a MESS to do, but the paint washed off the babies - and out of their clothes - pretty easily. (I have a pic of our project on my blog.)

    In any case, at least you have a fun story to tell! Make sure to take a picture of those blue hands! :)

  4. Non water tight ink works girl!


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