Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our first father's day

Well, the non-crafty card was a hit!

I had it balanced on top of his mug ready with his coffee and sugar for his morning cup of coffee.

He seriously loved it, and loved it even more when I told him the story behind the card.

He nearly fell over but (wisely) didn't say anything when I told him to go enjoy his coffee in bed and I'd feed both babies breakfast (we usually do all the meals together unless one isn't there).

We're not into presents as such but we are into food (!) so yesterday V babysat and I took D for a nice lunch (he had grilled kingklip which was DELICIOUS and I had fettucine alfredo). Yes, it is a bit weird to go for a Father's Day lunch without the babies but as he said, it'll be a real treat to enjoy a meal without having to (1) shovel it down and (2) be able to talk to one another.

Connor's got this new thing (the last two weekends) where he doesn't want to have his morning nap AND he is also not sleeping in the car. Before, if they didn't nap at home before we had to leave for church (10:10), then they'd definitely fall asleep in the car.

No sleep = cranky Connor

Thankfully Kendra pops right off the minute we start moving - it's actually really sweet.

So church was good but C's crankiness was increasing . Thank God he fell asleep about half way home and because we wanted him to sleep as long as possible, we stopped at a shopping centre (D had to exchange something) and I stayed in the car until they woke.

Home for lunch and back out for our lunch. BUT the 25-minute sleep clearly wasn't enough because he was Crankypants with a capital C.

We had to eat very quickly (D was wise to have his proper lunch yesterday) and got him home where he had a proper nap.

Then the madness of supper, bath and bedtime - my favourite time of day. I love Connor in the bath (I laugh so much and it seems to excite him more) I have never seen anyone that passionate about water!
And Kendra is just too sweet and girly once she's in her pajamas and sleep sack. She looks like a little marshmallow every night, dressed in pink.

BTW, for those who asked, no, we don't have central heating... It's portable heaters all the way which do diddly squat in these old houses (big rooms, high ceilings and terrible to heat).

I asked D how his first father's day was and he says he loved it "obviously I could do with less of the Connor crankiness but it was great" LOL

So how was your weekend?

P.S. The two-hour computer limit is working well even though I've actually only come in under on one out of the four days. I'm working on some projects so once those are out of the way (end of this week) it should be easier. I'm a lot more focussed when I'm on here and best of all, my house looks better.


  1. There's no shame in celebrating with an adults-only lunch! My hubby and I have eaten dinner out twice together in the past few weeks (having a "house sitter" over and leaving after the babies are in bed for the evening). It's been SO NICE!!! And glad your hubby loved the card...and the story of its creation. :)

  2. I would love to see the card - would that be the babies' first artwork? :)

  3. Oh, I love the card idea! Even if it didn't work out as planned. : ) We didn't do too much for Father's Day, but we did have a good, low-key day, with a relatively quiet lunch at one of our favorite Sunday restaurants.

    Happy first Father's Day to D!

  4. I think you had a great Fathersday !


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