Friday, July 09, 2010

Feeling just a tad overwhelmed

There are so many things WHIZZING through my mind at the moment that I can't concentrate properly on my work.

  1. babies' party tomorrow (I am fast leaning towards NEVER doing this again.....too much work ... I know, I know I need to focus on the goal)
  2. speaking gigs (can't find clothes - went to Eastgate last night so now starting to panic - would anyone notice if I just wore my maternity pants??? LOL)
  3. work, work, work (I am going to miss our work conference because of the speaking gigs which just kills me! I am all into VIBE and PASSION and I love this kind of thing at work. Feel terrible because my boss has been so wonderful about it. He said, "M, it's your passion. you have to do it") I also have that dreaded performance appraisal coming up - I hate those things because they're meaningless and they waste hours of my time - which I have to still prepare for. And I actually have a TON of stuff, all in progress, with OPEN loops. Next week is going to be hectic.
  4. messy house (I need to write about this! I feel like the babies' stuff is spilling into all areas and am not happy............). Also, very sad to say but I seriously miss Precious (my cleaning lady who stole money from us) because she cleaned exactly how I like it - thoroughly and she left my house looking as magazine-beautiful as possible :) I've had 4 people since her and none of them come close. I thought I could train the current one but it's getting clearer that it's not going to work. And my motto is "they work for me to make my life easier, not to cause me more stress"
  5. D's upcoming 40th

Besides all this stuff, I seriously don't have time to reply back to all the text and facebook and email messages from the babies' birthday.

That's not normally me but I did a blanket "thanks for all the wishes" on Facebook - hopefully you all understand???

Still those text messages are all in my inbox on my phone.

I have replied and thanked Roz for this one. This was our cutest birthday wish :) - aren't those cheeks gorgeous???

Some of you asked about the speaking...

I usually just take a day's leave to go do my thing. In this case, I have to fly to CT on Wed and to Dbn on Friday, so definitely out of office time. And I'll leave early on Tues and catch up at home that evening.

I'm speaking on something organising... lovely and vague.... have followed up with event planner because I gave them 4 topics and they're to choose 1. I obviously made them all sound too juicy :) hence the indecision.

Anyway, life is a bit hectic. I can't wait for the party to be over (and no, it is not all sorted by FAR!).

Next week Friday once I've checked into Dbn airport, I'll be able to relax and focus again.


What do you have planned for the weekend?

P.S. This is bringing up very interesting things in my mind. My dream has always been to jet around the country doing talks BUT this feels too hectic now. It may just be because this is all so last-minute and clashes with party prep .... I don't know.

Deanna, your post is making me think!!! Roz, am I thinking too much?

P.P.S. Now that I've made a list and cleared some of the noise, hopefully I can get some good work done!

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  1. Don't stress too much over the party! I stressed over Henry's too, but I should have just relaxed. Once it was done I was so glad we did it!!


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