Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hmmm, about a 7

they love that dangly thing on my bag
I promised I'd share what my week was like, so here goes.

Let's start with the ugly and then go to the bad and then the good.

Before I start, I heard this joke this week:

The good
Your wife's pregnant

The bad
It's triplets (not funny to an infertile)

The ugly
You had a vasectomy 5 years ago


The ugly

  • Bad, bad period pains. Throbbing like crazy so you can't think about anything.I think it only happens this badly every second month.
  • Fighting with (what seems like) every customer service rep imaginable. But really, I think I phoned about 6 different companies. Had to resort to going on for two of them. I hate it when no one takes responsibility. And then the one tells me, "I see you've been on hellopeter again" to which I said, "yes, because it's the only way someone actually returns my calls". Silence on other end. *sigh*
  • Situation at work - we've interviewed for a new PA and the person who didn't get the job got really "nothing" feedback from HR but then heard some really horrible things through the grapevine as to why she didn't get the job. Boss and I don't know how the gossip started as we both have zipped lips with staffing issues...but both of us were/ are LIVID!
  • Got absolutely NO sign-ups for a teleseminar I had planned. ZIP! Horrified but taking the Zen approach as in "if it's meant to be, it'll be".

The bad

  • Have made annual appt with gynae. It is a new gynae as my Dr C emigrated to New Zealand. He transferred his caseload to another guy but I don't want to go to him (a bit out of my way - I'm lazy, I like having my medical people literally 2 minutes away, not 15 minutes away). So sent about 5 emails back and forth just to get them to send my file to new guy. I have SUCH a lot of stuff going on (even before I knew I was infertile) that it will take about 30 mins just to go through all the operations.
  • Being behind at work again due to going to a conference mid-week.
  • I feel a little bit fragile emotionally when I get my period (not before, but during). The last time this happened I wrote it down and this week when I was feeling unloved and full of sass, I thought, "hey! it's because of my period" which is at least good to know. Still not nice to experience it as everything seems worse than it actually is. Can anyone relate?

The good

  • Fantastic conference on innovation of all things. Learned such a lot and best of all, I felt like I belonged, networking and doing my people thing :)
  • Also made two good connections for people who either might want to coach with me or get me in to speak. Yes, I've already followed up with them :)
  • In meeting with the unsuccessful candidate, I was very glad to hear that they (she and her manager) didn't for a minute think I'd actually said those things as "my integrity is unquestionable", thank God for that.
  • Got my performance appraisal done on our system. This is huge as I make copious notes so that I actually understand what the corporate speak means.
  • Also got lots more responsibility and opportunity to "showcase my skillset" (!) - which means chances to present at meetings, etc. so the bigwigs see more of me LOL (this stuff makes me giggle, honestly). It is also now an official part of my job to say no :) Seriously, everyone hates telling the people no to doing business. I have no problems with this and do it nicely but very firmly so I've taken it over. Let's see how that goes although just this week alone I have already turned down two opportunities.
  • On same day of the scheduled teleseminar, I got my BIGGEST coaching client yet. Biggest in terms of money. It actually is just a little bit scary to be getting such a lot of money from one client but HEY! it means she is serious and I can't wait to start working with her tomorrow.
  • The babies are seriously cuter than I ever imagined, FULL of spunk (not so nice during feeding times when they don't want my food) and best of all, I feel I'm coming into my own. D asked me tonight how I feel about my mothering and I said, "I think I'm doing an awesome job" after which we both laughed like crazy. But I do... yes, I literally never sit still these days while they're awake BUT the independence is just amazing and I LOVE IT!
This week we have D's 40th birthday on Tuesday, the babies' 12-month injections on Wednesday (I couldn't mess up D's bday if the babies were niggly) and my fitness assessment on Thursday (I am my heaviest ever). I also need to get to gym at least twice and get caught up on my work.

What do you have planned for this week? Yes, I really want to know.


  1. Oh I love mails like this = just makes me feel part of your life. For me, this week is going to be very very hectic in terms of work. Very very hectic.

  2. Hi Marcia, next time you're battling with a customer service rep, try using the getclosure complaints management service - we deliver complaints to the most appropriate person at the company you're complaining about and give them the opportunity to respond. It's fast, free, effective and discreet.

  3. 7 is not bad! Happy birthday to D this week! And congrats on your big client. : )

    We are a little more laid-back this week, though we have our first church softball game tonight...pray for us! Ha! I am finishing end-of-semester stuff with my online course. Nothing exciting.


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