Monday, July 05, 2010

I really hate to moan but...

I bought some baby stuff for a colleague's baby shower next week by email catalogue.

Is that what you call it when you get a brochure emailed to you and that's how you place your order?!

Anyway, turnaround was fantastic - only two days (and I ordered 7 items all in all - 4 for my kids and 3 for the baby shower) before I got the email saying they'd posted it.

Another 3 days from CT and it was here.


Only thing is I'm really not happy with the quality because of the amount I paid.

If I'd bought them at a shop, I'd have taken them back - no question!

But because it was posted I'm hesitating... and obviously I really don't feel like getting into it with the ladies...

I know I'm not happy and I even feel like I need to get my colleague something else as it doesn't feel right to give her those things. She is a person who is very generous and likes unique and different things which is precisely why I thought to get her something special (not the usual Woolies/ Edgars stuff).

Also, I'm happy-ish with 4 of the 7 items. Is it worth paying the postage and going through all that drama to get a refund? Then again, what would I do with the stuff?

I also love it when people show entrepreneurial spirit and do something with their passion so I hate to put a dampener on things...

What do you think? What would you do?

P.S. If memory serves me correctly, about 5 of my real-life friends were sent the email at the same time. Let me know if you ordered and if you liked your stuff!


  1. If you can spend the money - why not get her something else and give those to charity. On the other hand, they need to know that their qulaity is not good enough.

  2. Send it back. It's going to annoy you. Grrr inferior quality. That's the downer about buying sight unseen.

    Or... just send back the stuff you weren't happy with.

    I ordered some merino clothing and a sleeping bag from an online co here and that was in MAY. It finally arrived today. Guess who I won't be purchasing from again? ;)

  3. From what I know of you, you're not going to be happy if you don't send them back. If you try to give your colleague the gifts or get her something else and figure out something else with the gifts, you'll still be unsatisfied. I think you'll only be at peace if you send the gifts back and get what you really want.

  4. I would send it back although it would take me 3 months to do so b/c that's how I roll. It's the principle. You can also put those aside, give her something else, and give those to someone else in the an acquaintance. Is that wrong???

  5. Send it back! AT least the ones you're really unhappy with. Of course, I hope you do better than me with returns...I tend to put stuff aside to send/take back, and find it again a year later. Oops!


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