Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm eating my words

Edited to add the red bits

SOOOOO many people have told me to "cherish every moment" and "they grow up so fast" and other such cliches and I honestly thought, "no way, I can't WAIT for them to be big".

But today we went to use some gift vouchers my kids got for birthday presents.

(as an aside, Kendra might have had the right idea to come early because the SALES are all on around their birthday :))

Anyway, we'll be going into summer soon so all the winter clothes are on sale and I bought clothes for next year.

I unpacked the clothes earlier and had a moment.

18 - 24 months looks SO BIG. I will have a REAL little boy then, not a baby.

As it is, he is already displaying VERY boyish behaviour. He is wild, fearless, loud and can now "run" away from me when I try to change his clothes - this is the latest biggest joke - if I packaged up those giggles, I could sell them to make people happy and be an instant millionaire.

I caught Connor with his hand on my phone today - my bedside table is not normally this messy - we had the kids in our bedroom and had to dump things here quickly - he is tall because this is a very high bedside table

this was last weekend - but this is how we find him all the time - standing

Kendra is also suddenly looking so big. She is tall but more than that, her facial expressions tell me that she's got things sussed out (do you say "sussed"?) and she knows exactly what we're thinking. Scary.

E.g. When I'm looking for Kendra, I generally walk around the house and say to V, "where's Kendra?" Well, she (K) figured out how to say "there". So now we think it's the cutest thing in the world to say to her, "where's Kendra?" and hear her say "there". She does this with "where's Daddy?" and "where's Connor?"

The other day I held her and Connor was right next to us and I said, "Kendra, where's Connor?"

Well, she looks at him and then looks back at me with this expression on her face like, "are you STUPID? he's RIGHT THERE!"

Maybe it's because I missed their bedtime twice this week - the only two times ever - but the next day they looked like big kids.

Anyway, I'm realising I'd better "cherish the moments" and all that jazz because they really DO grow up fast.

That's not to say I still can't wait until they can talk instead of screaming in frustration :)

P.S. More blogging this week - I am so behind but am at least caught up with my Google Reader.

Mandy, I found a definition for sussed!
Generally used as friendly replacement of "figured out", "worked out" or "done".


  1. I know exactly what you mean!! Last Thursday Emma woke up and was a toddler. Presto! She is a big girl now, she is all over the place and finding her way into everything! Then there is the temper! When did they become so demanding? Unfortunately there is no going back, need to get these attitudes under control!

    What exactly is the meaning of sussed? I've never heard it before.

  2. Anonymous7:42 am

    Hey M, all i can say wether they 1 year or 8 they still scream and moan and dont talk so dont worry!! ha, ha! Sure this tells you the weekend i have had!Hmmmmmmmmmmm Love Robz

  3. Darn - cuteness personified. Wish I was there to give them a big cuddle - if they'd stay still long enough that is!!! :) Oh and we have the same bedside table 'issue'.... ;)

  4. Yup! We definitely have little boys here! And I can't wait for more words and less screaming for communicating what they want. But I know they know what we're saying these days as if I say "Clap your hands" Tommy definitely will. It's too cute!

  5. Oh my goodness, I so relate to this post. My girls are growing so quickly, it's scary!!! I was watching a whole lot of home videos of them as newborns...oh, how I miss how small they were...NEVER thought I'd say that, now did you??? :)


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