Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's official - I'm fat

I went to a store to look for suits for the speaking gigs yesterday.

I don't have patience with browsing - I like to go in, find the stuff and get out. Very hunter-gatherer and un-female, I know.

Anyway, so I walk in and tell the first saleslady I see what I'm looking for.

She takes me to a section of clothes and says, "so you're a 10 on the top and what? A 14/ 16 on the bottom?"

I nearly died.

My current stuff I can't fit into is a 10 alround.

So I said, "No! If anything, I'm a 12 on the bottom"

She wouldn't be deterred so insisted I take a 12 AND 14 pants to the fitting room.

I was right though - the 12 fit me.

STILL - 12!!!

I need to get my FAT bottom to the gym a LOT in the next few weeks because this is now unacceptable!!!

And now, I need to go pin those pants and take them for hemming because I'm a shorty and everything is always too long!

P.S. 10 = size 34 and 12 = size 36

Hope you're having a better self-image day :)


  1. Oh God...I hate trying on real clothes. Why can't suits be made out of stretchy material like yoga pants? There has got to be a way to make that look elegant and classy, right?

  2. Let's all start a business!! We'll make fancy looking, comfy clothes! And instead of sizes we'll label them but number of kids! HA!

    This may disgust you but I'm finally down to a size 8! Before children however, I was a 00P, as in a non-existent size! An entire wardrobe donated!

    How you find time for the gym, or motivation, is beyond me but good luck! All that BS about walking the babies to lose baby weight kept me going for about a month. Here I am nearly a year later, still holding on to those last, gulp, 30 lbs!

  3. Marcia. I would die to be a size 10. I think I was a size 10 in middle school! Still though, it's frustrating when you go up a size without realizing. And that sales lady needs a punch to the face! :) Either way, I think you look fabulous. You are an extremely motivated lady and if you wanna lose the extra pounds, I have all the faith in the world that you can do it!

  4. I'm with Shelby! I would love to be a size 10 or 12, but even though I'd give anything to be your size, I do understand that *for you* this is frustrating. I know what it's like to walk into the store and not be able to find clothes that fit very well or end up in a bigger size than you hope for. So, I hope that this gives you the motivation you need to get into the gym and get happy with your body... because I know you need goals and all that jazz :-)

  5. I hope the party went well :) :)

    I want to slap the sales lady too ;) Grrrrrr!!!!!! How rude. And inaccurate - would make me question ANY judgement she made.

    I'm with Rebecca - wishing that suits were made out of stretchy comfy fabric :)


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