Friday, July 16, 2010

The last day of them being my babies

These millions of pics were taken on Tuesday 6th - the day before they turned 1.

I purposely put them in very baby-looking babygrows because I miss them looking like babies now and then!

Kendra with her weird hair

and Connor with his baby castanets (one day I'm going to freak them out and play my REAL castanets for them LOL)

Remember that order for baby stuff I was talking about last week?

Well, Mandy P, it was your comment that moved me into action.

Mandy said knowing the type of person I am, I won't be happy till I deal with it.

So I did.

First of all, I showed my colleages the other stuff - they said it was fine so I went with that.

I sent an email and told her that I'd debated about telling her but felt she needed to know and I focussed on how they could improve the items in question.

She was absolutely gracious in her response - these were new products to their initial offering but they'd rather have 100% satisfied customers so would I like them to redo the product or would I like my money back?

I opted for money back.

So I posted the stuff to them and they refunded the money plus postage.

A beautiful end to the story.
P.S. I'm at the airport, waiting for my flight to WARM Durban where I will do Talk 3.
What are you looking forward to today?


  1. Yay! I was right! And I'm glad it all worked out.

    I love Kendra's smile in the pics. Your kids are always so cute!

    I don't know what a castanet is... I couldn't even tell from the picture.

    I'm looking forward to leaving tomorrow for my weekend away!

  2. Your babies are just beautiful!
    Good luck for your talk!

  3. oh how lovely! Theyr'e so cute :)

  4. K&C are looking so big now, aren't they, beautiful *babies* that they are :) :)

    I wish I was looking forward to being warm! :)

  5. Hi there.
    This was my first time to your blog.
    Your kids are SO cute!!!

    I have twin girls, Grace & Faith {also via IVF}, born at 23 weeks, 2 days apart.

    I LOVE the picture you put together :)

  6. Great to t satisfaction! Woollies are the only shops to stock babygrows to actually 28 months and not just 12, so they are good for sleeping in them loer.

  7. Gorgeous photies :)


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