Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Last night a year ago

my last preggy pic - 31w 2d :)

I had the weirdest feeling yesterday.

It felt like the day before the babies were born (even though it was the 5th not the 6th) because I did roughly the same things I normally do.

Went to work.

Went to gym (last year this was “went to antenatal class”)

Came home and prepared supper.

While I’m finishing up with supper (same supper, by the way, chicken stir fry with a satay sauce – yummy!), D comes into the kitchen and says, “we don’t want to get hooked on Survivor again, do we?”

To which I said, “of COURSE we do! It will be fitting because of last year”

So he sighed and we watched Survivor. Same as last year.

Had shower and went to bed after some work.

Only difference is instead of waters breaking at 12, a baby squawked in her sleep and settled down again.

Hey! It was Kendra last year too.

What a difference a year makes!

P.S. My one work friend had her baby yesterday (she was scheduled for a C-section on my babies’ birthday but he came early as I suspected) and this morning I phoned her.

While we were chatting, he started crying. You know the newborn cry. Oh! It was SO SWEET. I said as much but said I’m also happy it’s not ME! :)


  1. Oh my golly twin golly, has it really REALLY been that long?? ;) Far out. Look how far you've all come - agreed - slightly sassy toddlers do offer more entertainment in many ways than a newborn cry. May they sleep well tonight :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your two sweeties! What? Survivor started?

  3. I love that belly pic! Aren't you glad you have a good "last" picture? Mine is not very good...but I will always remember that it was from the last weekend before my girls were born, and that's what counts. Can you believe all the things the last year has held?

    My best friend is expecting a baby in October, and I am so looking forward to cuddling that tiny newborn...but I am OH SO GLAD it will be going home with her. : )

  4. And tomorrow morning at 6:30, one year ago, I woke up to an sms with the news of the twins' arrival!!! Time has FLOWN! Wishing them a happy 1st birthday! :)

  5. Where does the time go? Really? It feels like just yesterday....I thought all those little saying were just exaggerations!

    Happy Birthday K&C!

  6. Happy birthday to your little cuties!


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