Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One-year stats

So last week on the babies' birthday we took them to the paed.

He is wonderful! Incidentally, he's also the expert paediatrician that will be speaking at the BabySense seminars in September.

These were the only pics taken on their actual birthday - you can see they were in heaven crawling around on this clean, uncluttered floor without "hindrances".


10,4 kg (50th percentile)
Height 77 cm (75th percentile)
Head circumference 47,5 cm (75th percentile)


Weight 7,58 kg (something like 79 % of where she should be - great - she was 80% last time and is obviously very mobile)
Height 75 cm (50th percentile)
Head circumference 45,5 cm (50th percentile)

Kendra's still in Pampers 3 and is wearing 3 - 6 month vests but everything else 6 - 12 month, mainly for those long legs and arms.

Connor's in Pampers 4 and wears 6 - 12 month vests and some clothes (mainly bottoms). On the top he wears some 6 - 12 and lots of 12 - 18 months.

They are SO different in personality and in boy/ girl-ness :)

E.g. when they crawl into my study, Connor immediately heads for cords and is bent on destruction. He pushes my wastepaper basket holding all the rolls of wrapping paper over, yanks on any cords (I often find iBurst dangling as well as the mouse) and other such "boy" stuff.

Kendra, on the other hand, is inquisitive. She crawls to my bag and starts looking through it. She also loves playing with the sequins and embroidery on the edge of the duvet - pretty stuff :)


Kendra is still a good eater. I must say, this is by my definition (doesn't give us hassles generally). She is not interested in feeding herself - if we feed her with the spoon, she's happy. But when I give toast and other finger foods, she'll happily eat.


Thank goodness, he's stopped fighting so much with food. BUT he knows his mind. Although V started something with him that we also do on the weekends. If he doesn't like the look of something, he shakes his head no, no, NO.

So V says, "Connor, have a taste" and he will and then sometimes he continues, sometimes not.

We've found that he likes to mess in his food with spoons and hands and then eats much better.

My motto is "there's always milk" LOL

Things discussed

1. They are now allowed to have real milk :) He said we can give them low-fat too, but not skim milk. "Finish the fomula you have and then go straight onto fresh milk" Gosh - do I really have big kids?

2. They only need to have between 300 and 400 ml a day and he said not to get fixated on reducing a bottle; they will naturally start getting more of their nutrition from food and less from milk. So if they only drink 120 ml of a bottle for a few days, then we're to keep them on that and let the babies reduce their milk intake accordingly.

3. We can start seasoning their food with a tiny bit of salt (as I normally cook) but we're not to add salt afterwards (never do this).

4. We can stop the baby vitamins (ViDaylin) but I said I'd prefer to continue, at least through winter. Why mess with a winning formula? Although he said their diets are so varied and good (yay! at least I feed them lots of good food - why does everyone raise their eyes at the lentils?!) and that the vitamins and minerals will come from food.

5. Developmentally, they are JUST fine. I don't need to be concerned about anything. Speech (!) is fine, physically they're fine, everything is fine. In fact, he said they're doing much better than he expected.

6. I asked him about social development and he said with twins, they really don't need other kids until about 3. I said I was planning to put them in a playgroup at about 2 1/2 and he said, "perfect".

So next appt at 15 months.

But I need to make an appointment for the shots next week when things are less hectic. The clinic's already sent me a reminder ;)

I swear every appointment gets better and better. Despite the babies being stubborn, sassy and stroppy.

Do you also love your paed?

P.S. The one thing I forgot to ask about was the rear-facing car seat thing. I'm still not ready to move them around and haven't even THOUGHT of what type of chair,e tc. I might just delegate to D (he loves research, like you Saffy).

P.P.S. Today's talk went VERY well and it's the biggest of the three, so I'm a lot more relaxed for tomorrow and Friday. Of course in between this all, there is my work performance appraisal on Thursday. Ta da da dum!


  1. I love our doctor too! We went yesterday for the 15-month checkup and shots. I love getting confirmation that everything is on track, but this time was a little rough for the girls. They are starting to have some stranger anxiety and they did NOT want the doctor touching them. He just talked right over the screams and assured me it was normal! : )

    Yay for healthy babies!

  2. Good to hear! Everything sounds great except having them in different size diapers...I hated that.

    Yes, we love our doc...they're awesome.

    Life will be so much easier with milk...you'll love it!

  3. Ours is just stunning. She is a prem and multiples specialist and so much more aware of possible problems, hence we caught L's eyes so very early.

    I was told that kids actually need full cream milk and not 2%. And my motto - there is always yogurt.


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