Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Party post number 1

You have been so, so patient with me - finally I get to blog a bit about the party.

I've just spent ages compressing photos and uploading them to the blog and there are stacks. I'm in no mood to be decisive so I'm going to post them in separate posts.

We decided on a polka dot party so had round foods, round sweets, etc.

Very easy to do once you get focussed - suddenly you see round food everywhere.

Kendra wore a top with polka dots; I couldn't find anything for Connor so he went plain. I thought of putting some stickers on his top but thought better of it as everything goes in the mouth and I didn't feel like fishing stickers out of his mouth the whole afternoon.

I had very definite "ideas" about some things - I wanted a banner, balloons, two cakes and two songs (you know I have issues with "twins" - they are individuals and all that jazz...) - I didn't give two hoots about the rest.

And that's where the crazy started - I wanted to be the one to do their cakes.

Well, time kind of ran out because of work and such. My friend at work, Michelle, asked me on the Thursday if I was "all prepared".

I laughed because I was soooo not prepared. So much so that I seriously contemplated moving the party to another venue other than my house.

I wanted to buy cakes but D said it's got to "look homemade" and since none of the cakes at the home industry shop excited me, I was forced to bake the cakes.

Here's my kitchen (I have zero counter space) during the prep. I will be so, so glad when all these bottles disappear for good and I can reclaim my kitchen counter for food!

(By the way, I've already given away the baby bath and that z-shaped thing we used when they were babies)

Don't you love my red kettle? I seriously love it. I bought it to cheer myself up one day last year when I was feeling down and it makes me smile whenever I see it.

I cheated and did microwave cakes so it took about 10 minutes in total (my kind of baking) and I spread caramel all around and did K and C in Smarties (like M & M's).

Trust me, they certainly looked homemade :)


  1. DIVINE kettle...can't wait to see the party pics!!!

  2. I made our girls' cakes, too. I had my lists with everything mapped out, and all I had left to do the evening before the party was to decorate their cakes. Well...I had an icing "mishap", which resulted in me staying up until about 1:30am! I could barely see straight! The cakes didn't turn out exactly as I'd planned, but I love that I did it myself.

    Can't wait to see more pics from the party! And in addition to your red kettle, I love your red scale, too! :)

  3. Sounds like you were very organized to me. And the cupcakes looked yummy! I'm sure the kiddies enjoyed licking the caramel off!

  4. We did store-bought cupcakes, and they did NOT look homemade. They sure were good though!! Good for you for getting those made in the midst of all the pre-party planning and stressing.

    Can't wait to see the rest!

  5. How funny is this...we're on a circle kick for the party! We are going with cupcakes and I am making them! I am getting crafty and I hope it all works out.

    I can't wait to see more pictures! So much to do and I only have 2.5 more days-can't skip my hair appointment!

  6. I like that you did 2 cakes etc - that's fantastic. I also covet your kettle. The caramel looks delicious. Think of me this weekend when I attempt a 2 tier jobbie with a fondant cow figurine on top ;)


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