Friday, July 23, 2010

Party post number 2

View from kitchen end through the house to the sunroom - the babies race all the way down that lovely expanse of carpet. Drinks, etc. and the table has the sweet stuff (savoury stuff was outside)

We have a beautiful (new) carpet, thanks to my geyser bursting last year when I was 6 weeks pregnant and on holiday. Only thing is the carpet's leaves its natural fibres all over the babies' clothes.

Just the other day I threw out 2 pairs of tracksuit pants because they were seriously ugly and my boy looked like we couldn't afford some decent pants.

Front of house with the banner and balloons. Still my favourite part of it all (I am so easy to please).

Chairs, etc. and on the left, the babies' new swing and slide set

View from the other side - you can just spot the table with food near the kitchen door. And of course, baby laundry on the line. I still think it's cute.

my sister in law's cupcakes, ready to be iced and decorated

Inside table, half ready. The round green bucket has the polka dot party packs.

So I was a bit ticked off when my MIL arrived as she took over and didn't listen to what I said. Grrr. Like don't put out too much food all at once as I hate a cluttered table.

My natural tendency is to say my thing, if people ignore, so be it and I retreat. I do this at work too and it has twice been highlighted as a "development need" (don't you love corporate speak?!), at this company and the previous one. I just can't see the point of pushing if it's clear people are not listening.

Anyway, this is not good as I do the same at home. My MIL is on her mission and I'm on mine so I think "stuff this, life is too short" but inside I seethe. Hmmm, can anyone relate?

My plan was for people to help themselves to ALL the sweet things I had inside after we did the babies' cakes (oh my! soon I'll have to stop calling them babies!) but next thing you know, a plate of cupcakes was whipped outside.

People obviously helped themselves but not to ALL the sweet things I'd so lovingly baked/ prepared inside. Understandable - why should people go 10 steps into the house when there was sweet stuff right there. I was left with HEAPS of food afterwards despite piling some on the guests and V.

Also, then I didn't put out the tea/ coffee properly and that whole bit felt very disorganised to me. Granted, my friends just got on with it and helped themselves around my kitchen (I love when people do that, seriously!).

If there's ever a next time at my house, I need someone who doesn't mind conflict to help me "manage" the personalities. Candice? Robynne? :)

Otherwise, a party venue it is. Although the thought of that also makes me twitch just a little bit.

P.S. The sweetest thing was my friend's 12 year old saying to her mom that I'm creative and organised. Cheered me right up but I did think, "and everything didn't even go according to plan".

P.P.S. On this day a year ago, Connor was discharged from the hospital.


  1. I know how you feel...wishing things had gone "just so", and feeling like things weren't quite organized "just right". But at the end of the day, it sounds like everyone had a great time, and that's what counts. And I do think it's a great compliment that folks made themselves at home in your kitchen. People may have even had a better time because of that. I think sometimes if everything is "too perfect", things can seem unapproachable.

    I hope you'll have more pictures coming!

  2. Love it! I love seeing pictures of your house too. That baby laundry on the line is too cute! And for the record, I may continue to call my girls 'babies' until they're 12! :)


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