Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rules for weekends

Two people recently told me that they have rules for weekends.

A friend who came to the babies' party said that she had to leave because she had another party to go to.

She then turned to another mutual friend and said, "don't you find that you have so many socials because of the kids?" (the mutual friend's kids are 2,5 and 4 months)

So the mutual friend says, "oh no, B & I have rules. we only do one plan per weekend day"

I then piped up and said, "we need to make some rules"!

In June, we could have been busy every single Sat and Sun. And when I say Sun, I mean besides church.

As it happened, we were only busy for 6 weekend days. Which is about 4 days too busy for us :)

Then another friend has yet to see my babies (other than photos) and they're nearly 13 months.

As an aside - what is it with photos?

Yet another friend said to me she hasn't felt compelled to come see the babies in the flesh because she sees pics on Facebook and the blog. My thing is if one person says it, more are thinking it so I'm sure there are others who feel the same.

Hmmm. I haven't quite worked out how I feel about it. I definitely don't want to "show off" my babies but they are very different in person and you get to see their personalities, how they and I interact, etc.

This friend (not the photo friend) then said that they have a rule of only one plan per weekend and she's booked up til the end of August. Their party is at end of August so if we go, I suppose we can kill two birds with one stone? Or maybe it was an excuse? LOL

I have definite rules during the week - no out of the house more than 3 times per week, whether gym, church stuff, supper with friends, etc. otherwise life is too hectic.

But I don't have weekend rules... yet!

Am I the only one without weekend rules? Please share what works (or doesn't work) for you and your family.


  1. We don't have any spoken rules for the weekends (or during the week, for that matter), but we don't generally have a ton of places to be either. Jeremy is only home at night on Sat., Sun., and Mon., so that makes it a little easier to justify that the weekends are our main family time.

    If we have a busy weekend (two or more activities outside church and the normal stuff), I will purposely try to keep the next weekend free to relax however we choose. I guess it helps too that we do lunch after church every week with my family and my best friend's we know we have that time together and we don't have to plan other outings as often.

  2. We don't really have weekend rules. We both work so the weekends are about the only time we see the girls for a good while so we try not to make 100x plans but it's nice to get out too. The only "rule" is I don't alter their naps. We plan stuff around naptimes.

  3. I don't work so I am always going stir crazy and want to go go go on the weekends when Aaron's home... he'd rather sit around the house. We don't really do stuff though with other people, we kinda do our own thing and plan things at the last minute or on the way out the door LOL

  4. One of my twin-mom friends was telling me recently that she is considering not blogging anymore. She said that she feels like some of her friends and family use it as a "crutch" for actually keeping up with her and the babies...people don't call to check in, for example, because they know that Jenny took the kids to the park yesterday, and that they ate ice cream for the first time today.

    I could see how that might happen. I don't live in the same area where I grew up, so Facebook is a great way for me to feel somewhat reconnected with my hometown friends. I haven't experienced any negatives with it.

    I guess it's just a (unfortunate?) sign of our "information rich" times!

  5. Nope. No rules for the weekends. We don't have a lot of parties going on with friends that have kids, so I can't say that we're booked until the end of August. We try to balance downtime, errands and visiting friends over the weekends.

  6. We have rules - only one activity per weekend planned. Everything else is agreed to on the fly. My husband doesn't like to be overscheduled. As for blogging/FB - I like that when I do talk to friends they already know what is going on so we don't have to spend time "catching up". Some of my posts have inspired calls/reconnections and that is nice.

  7. No rules, but we follow a general guideline - saturdays can be packed to the hilt but Sunday is at-home day. Friends and family are very welcome but we are not going anywhere on Sundays.

  8. No hard and fast rules for weekends. But now that I am back at work also we don't tend to do that much over weekends. Maybe one outing a day (and this could be just shopping!)


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