Thursday, July 01, 2010

Setting the intention

Isn't it strange how just putting something out there makes things happen?

Yesterday morning I wrote about how I was sure I wanted to do more speaking. When I got home, there in my inbox was a mail from an event planner looking for a speaker who was fun, quirky and practical!

I said "I am EXACTLY what you need" in my email back to them.

Things are hotting up - they liked my speaker profile and testimonials already and want the client (a corporate) to meet me next week..


I am petrified since I haven't done a HUGE event like this for about two years (just before IVF number 1 actually) but I know it's all normal and I will be great once I'm there next week and then on the actual speaking days (a series of three events).

I'm the fish Mike Murdock spoke about and speaking is the "water" in which I thrive.

Do you set intentions?

On the work front, it's performance appraisal time. Yuck and double yuck.

I enjoy the chatting and the feedback but it is a FARCE because while they say it's linked to bonuses and such, it actually isn't so it always feels a bit like "what is the point?!"

Oh, I have a feeling that this one will be a little different as I learned on my Expert Negotiator course that I give away too much to preserve the relationship (doesn't everybody?!).

To those who work outside the home (see how PC I'm getting? LOL), do you do performance appraisals? And how do you feel about them?

P.S. My friend with the twins, C, got a job after about 3 years of leaving corporate life! She'll be working for one of our partners from mid-July and is busy interviewing for a nanny for her girls. D & I have been praying for the perfect nanny for them as her husband is understandably anxious.

P.P.S. I can't believe it's July. We have 3 birthdays this month! I'm the odd one out :)


  1. Congratulations on the speaking gig! What do you speak about? :)

    I agree with your that performance reviews are stoopid. In my last job we had them every 6 months, and they just ate up valuable time.

  2. Good going on the peaking thing.

    We are a small company and we do not do performance appraisals any more. But we do have a chat with each staff member at increase time.

  3. Kaitake, time management and organising, and around women's day (here in South Africa we celebrate women on 9 August and it's a public holiday), things on empowering women, self-confidence, that kind of thing.

    I was a generalist life coach before I specialised in time and organising, so can do both.

  4. Sounds really interesting. The closest we have in New Zealand is Mother's Day, but it's a wonderful idea to have a day to celebrate women!


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