Friday, July 30, 2010

Single parent

Things were just finalised today.

D is going to Botswana for 5 days of work. Shame - he's going to be working while sales staff get to have conference. In my company that means drinking and partying but his company is a lot more earnest about working hard :)

We were kind of happy about the opportunity but he is none too pleased as he has to leave home at 1:00 on Sunday to check in and catch his flight because he'll be missing time with the babies. Awww.

I am doing my thing of trying to stay positive!!!

Technically I can ask my MIL to help on Sunday but I won't. I am way too stubborn. Also to drive 45 minutes here and another 45 minutes back is just a huge waste of time. It's also more draining for me to have her here...

Anyone for a play date?

Next week the only thing I need to be concerned about is the wake-up as D normally gets up to give them their morning bottles. They're going to have to scream LOUD to rouse me from my deep sleep.

Of course, there'll be no gym for me next week but after the babies go sleep, I should be able to do my ab crunches, get some good work done and will (hopefully) probably get to bed earlier than I normally do as I'm not planning to cook at all since there are meals in the freezer.

D is not into technology so will not be taking a laptop or anything with him. He says when you write the whole day the last thing you want to be doing on your "off" time is write some more (I've tried many times to get him to blog as he's a brilliant writer).

Any other tips to survive the week?

P.S. I don't know how you guys do it who don't have hubbies around all the time. I would CRACK!


  1. Well you know Jon has been traveling 2-3 days a week or more since my boys were 3 months old so this is old hat to me!

    Best tips:
    * Make sure you have EVERYTHING in the house you need for either a puking virus or a fever virus. Nothing like having to call friends at 3AM bc you run out of motrin.

    * Ditto goes with food, drinks, sundries. I had my boys get a 5 day puking virus when Jon was gone once and we were out of EVERYTHING bc you can't take puking babies to the store. Again, prepare ahead of time.

    * You have a nanny so there's not much you need to do to get ready in the AM. I generally shower at night so I don't need to shower in the AM and can just focus on getting the boys ready for school.

    * You don't have to be a perfect solo parent. If everyone is alive and fed at the end of the stint, that is good enough! My boys watch more tv and eat more junk food when Jon is gone.

    * Try to think of the positives, which is that you get to be 100% in charge for 5 days! I love that part of it!

  2. make sure you plan some nice stuff for YOU! Even if it's just fun films to watch in the evenings. When J is away, I let myself be really lazy and watch a TON of DVDs. Also I eat food that only I like.

    Good luck! It's the wakeup that kills me, too.

  3. Like Laura, hubby-less parenting is the norm for me.

    Remember that you ARE only one person. Don't expect to accomplish the work of two. If that means dropping your standards, so be it. Focus on the important stuff: happy, healthy, whole.

  4. Ah yes, you and me both next week! But my advice - do as little as possible apart from the essential.

  5. Before bed get everything ready for the following morning! That is the best for people like us who enjoy those last 30 seconds of sleep! Bottles pre-made, breakfast laid out in the fridge, spoon and bowls ready to go. It allows me to stumble thought without too much fuss or thought!

  6. Ditto Sadia and Cat! It's not too bad (for me, at least) being the only one here during the week, but I don't try too hard to keep up with housekeeping, etc., particularly if it's been a tiring day. You can catch up on those things when D gets back home and won't mind entertaining the babies for awhile...because I am sure he will miss them like crazy, right?!

    Good luck!!


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