Wednesday, July 07, 2010

They're 1

Do you know how we celebrated the babies' birthday?

We went to the paed!

Yes, that's how we roll around here.

I wouldn't take them for any injections on their birthday but the paed is so great and relaxed and affirming of our parenting skills (or lack thereof :)) that I love seeing him.

And to think I kind of hated him at first (based on the receptionists).

Will give you stats (the stuff I LIVE for) and all feedback later this week but need to get to bed now as I've been tidying my messy house since I put them to bed.

(We finally had the study painted - the funny green colour was "doctored" and is now a lovely, light green).

We had a very hectic day (normal baby life with all the eating and not napping and crawling around outside while Daddy assembled their swing and slide set) and I must confess I was not the most cheerful person.

Except with the babies.

As long-time readers know, my MIL is not the most hands-on person in the world and only does cutesy baby stuff, not the "grab the baby before he eats all my weeds" stuff). Oh well.

D and I only realised once they were in bed that we hadn't even taken one-year pics (!). Good thing I took TONS of "last day before you're 1" pics on Tuesday.

I can't believe I have one-year-olds. The last 7 months have FLOWN.

I was looking at pics on the computer that seemed recent and when I checked the date, it was three MONTHS ago.

Anyway, we had TONS of text messages, phone calls and emails - the babies are ten times more popular than D and me combined. Very sad.

The babies didn't seem to "twig" that this is a MOMENTOUS occasion and were their usual selves, babbling up a storm and stealing each other's toys.

D and I kept looking at them and then at each other, marvelling that WE MADE IT!

It only gets better from now, right?


By the way, I was wondering (aloud) why none of the family have offered to help with anything for the babies' party (mine is all in PE) and a friend (the one Kendra was smitten with) said, "they probably think you have it all covered".

Well! Not so but I do hate asking for help.

So I got D to ask SIL to make cupcakes and MIL to make some adult food :)

My dining room table is filled with party stuff - while I am not a fan of the clutter, I needed a place to put these things temporarily and also it helped me see what I still needed to get. In typical Marcia fashion, I bought too much food for the adults and not enough for the kids.

What kind of real food do children eat at parties?


  1. Happy (belated) birthday to your loves!!

  2. It TOTALLY gets better! Happy birthday!!!!

  3. You know I certainly think it gets better! Happy birthday Kendra and Connor!! You have exciting is that?!

    Real food for parties? I'd suggest fruit (cut into chunks), carrot or other veggie sticks, hot dogs, maybe some type of mini pizza-type things?

  4. Oh yes, you have made it! The first year is for sure the hardest.

    The kids love those Woollies mini hamburgers or mini boerie dogs. Fruit (especially if dipped in chocolate - strawberries) and a tub of yogurt. These are the only real "food" items I have ever seen kids eat at parties. The rest they'll go for the sweets.

  5. Happy birthday darling babies who are now toddlers. I can't believe that a year has passed already. I remember when you were still in your mummy's tummy ;) And a round well-used tummy it was indeed! :) :) Congratulations to you all for making it through that first, marvellous year. Yay!!!!!! x

  6. Yes, it does just get better. I made a comment on Sunday morning hanging out with the boys at my in-laws about how cool the boys were and that I won the baby lottery when we had them.

  7. Happy belated birthday babies!!

  8. Happy Birthday Babies!!!


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