Sunday, July 04, 2010

This is how I know it's bedtime for the babies

Today was a gorgeous, ice-cold day. On my side of Johannesburg, there were also beautiful grey skies.

A perfect day for soup.

We stopped off at the shops after church to get some more vegetables (I like lentil and vegetable soup) and while the babies were having lunch, I started the soup.

I usually cook it all up and leave it to cool before I puree it as I've burned my hand on the soup in the blender before.

This happened to be when the babies were having supper.

Is it just us or does it seem like they're always eating???!!! Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, supper.

Anyway, so I poured the soup into the blender, switched it on, happened to glance over at Connor who'd started SCREAMING in terror.

Oh my word!

I switched off the blender immediately but he was still inconsolable.

I don't know if the noise was too sudden for him or if he doesn't like the sound but he hates that blender!!!

Even after hugging, distracting, etc. he was still crying so I did the only thing I know for sure will make him happy again - took him for his bath.

To save time, we bathed both babies together but Connor was splashing so much, this time Kendra had a fright and started SOBBING.

She does this new thing where she sobs like her little heart is breaking. VERY cute but I'm sure she's also working it big time!

Well, I had to quickly clean her through all the tears, rush her out of there and get her dressed and in bed.

It is finally quiet and I can finally enjoy a nice cup of tea.

P.S. This pic was taken this morning (I feel so proud of myself for actually downloading pics on a Sunday evening!!!).

Kendra thinks raisins are the funniest things ever. I only put two at a time on her tray otherwise she throws them all around the kitchen (which, by the way, is ALSO huge fun for her) and every time I put the next two on her tray, she giggled so D took a pic.

P.P.S. D told me earlier that he's had enough. He is too old (!) to be getting up at night anymore (gosh! I laughed!) so if the kids wake before 5, that's it. They will just have to scream.

I'm totally fine with this idea in theory but let's see how long it lasts...


  1. We have this saying that there always have to be one unhappy child.

    Mine all hated the blender at one stage or another.

  2. My kids hated the food processor too...I taught them how to cover their ears and that is the signal they use for "loud" now. That was an unintended when I tell them to say something loudly, they cover their ears...duh!

    I always think of you when I see a cool gray sky! Cute pictures too!!!

  3. The girls have no issues with the chopper. They poke their heads up to try and see what is going on. I'm really curious to try raisins, along with everything else that is delicious! I am so far behind with food for them. I really need to get on it!

  4. Poor little fella being scared of the blender. Doesn't he know it's a good noise i.e. food follows??? :) :)

    As for K and her raisins. I have the same philosophy with D. I got sick of the clean up!

    You're the only person I know who says beautiful GREY skies as if it's a good thing. We had beautiful BLUE skies here y'day. Very exciting!!

    Ooooh D's a brave man. I can't wait to read how the twins cope with his new philosophy.

    Can't believe they're 1 so soon.

  5. Sweet the sky! D's comment is cracking me up...maybe it will be the key to solving the sleep mystery! Let us know how it goes.

  6. yes... it does seem that suddenly, they are ALWAYS EATING.

  7. Hello from Arizona! :) I believe I found your site via Multiples and More. Your twins are so cute and it's fun to see pictures of other b/g twins - mine are 16 months. ~ janae

  8. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Shame, Sophia is scared of the tumble dryer! Caren


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