Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why you should not buy a phone that looks like a toy

This is all Connor's doing. He rips the phone off the telephone table (because he can reach it) and then they chew cords and the receiver.


  1. Bad Connor :p
    Seriously tho - could your phone look any more like a toy?? Love the colour :) :)
    D wants the tv remote. She comes up with these little tactical plans to grab it... drat those parents who see thru her plans :)

  2. That does look like a toy! I love the color though!!

  3. Our girls love our phone, too. They have a couple of play phones, and I try to point them in that direction, and I tell them the real phone is "not a toy". Works like a charm...Hahahaha!!! :)

    We call my great aunt, Gigi, two or three times a day. She's retired, and she seems to live for our calls, wanting to know exactly what the girls are doing, what they had for lunch, etc. Whenever the girls see the phone, they shout, "Gigi!" I think they actually think that's what the phone is called. I'm now trying to reinforce "Let's call Gigi on the PHONE!" HA!

  4. I hanged ours on the wall because mine is now into calling actual people. And they might just call Pres Obama and that's going to cost me.


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