Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wayback Wednesday - Kendra eating chips!

Needless to say, my kids are actually NOT allowed to have chips/ potato crisps. This is their father's bad influence! He is a self-proclaimed chipaholic.

Are yours allowed to have chips? If yes, from what age?


  1. Oh fathers are a very bad influence and I mean this in the nicest sense!!! That's why kids do so well with two parents. I never buy my kids candy or crisps or even juice... The father person buys crisps, candy and even soda... gasp... I look away!!! They don't get treats every day and when they do go to the store with him it is their special time... they take turns... So I reckon it's okay to have some fun, and I pretend not to notice!!!

  2. The boys haven't had any chips yet, as my favorite are the kettle cooked, which are very think and crispy. However, they have had tortilla chips and these brown rice chips we love a lot.

  3. My girls love holding on to chips right now! They actually eat very little, but especially when we are eating at a Mexican restaurant, holding the chips makes them feel like they are participating, I think! Precious pictures!

  4. I start at about 18 months and in limited quantities. Vita snacks are a great alternative.


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