Friday, August 06, 2010

36 candles

I said to D last week, "this year (meaning once I turn 36), I'm not taking anymore cr*p". He said, "oh boy, you already don't" :)

My 36 things to do now I've turned 36 are:

  1. Do LOTS more talks
  2. Develop and keep up a system for my photos
  3. Do a weekly review post
  4. Have a family photo shoot when the babies can walk (I have very specific photos in mind and they need to be walking for that :))
  5. Take a beach holiday
  6. Decide on a policy for attending kiddies birthday parties
  7. Go to gym 8 times a month
  8. Do at least 3 talks on my infertility story to church or other groups
  9. Learn how to make a halfway decent blog header with photos in under 30 minutes
  10. Reconnect with a friend I truly love (she's moved to Pretoria so we never see each other any more)
  11. Learn to let go
  12. Read 5 books a month
  13. Weigh 57 kg
  14. Hire a personal trainer to help me get to my goal weight
  15. When I reach said goal weight, reward myself with a professional photo shoot
  16. Use those photos to have a website redesign
  17. Live a simpler life
  18. Simplify my business even more and do only really high-value work
  19. Travel internationally with D for at least 5 days!
  20. Do regular random acts of kindness
  21. Pay for a stranger's meal/ groceries
  22. Do my version of 29 gifts - 4 unexpected gifts a month
  23. Get better with my skincare routine
  24. Have lunch with a friend once a month. Definitely on this list - a friend I've recently connected with after we lost touch for years (we met at university and I haven't seen her for about 8 years)!
  25. Get outside of house painted
  26. Figure out how to generate income from my organising blog
  27. Redesign organising blog (contrary to what you may think, I find it very hard to let people design things for me as I'm so clear on what I hate!)
  28. Lower my expectations of myself and of others
  29. Take a very basic photography class
  30. Learn to cook a roast
  31. Hire a life coach
  32. Get at least one massage a month
  33. Get hair done once a month
  34. Have only clothes in my wardrobe that I love and that look good on me
  35. Meet up with 3 blog friends (Cat, are you game?)
  36. Get involved in some form of ministry again (I've stopped for the last 2 years and am feeling the itch to make a difference again) - could be those infertility talks otherwise even just mentoring people, etc.

If you have any ideas or you can help me in any way, I'd be very grateful. I believe by putting things out there, good things come back :)

What's on your list and how can I help you get there?

P.S. In this pic I was about 55 - 56 kg. This was taken in Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland. Actually probably closer to 56 kg as I was having tea and scones a couple of times a day :)


  1. LOVE #32!!!! Great list. I should have done this...I'll do it next year...37 things! YIKES!!!

  2. Kudos to you for outlining such a healthy list!

    I just emailed you my favorite roast recipe. :)


  3. Happy birthday!

    There are a lot of exciting things on your list. One of the things I learned from MOndo is you can divide things into the things you can do and the things you need the universe to do. Right now I'm waiting for the universe to give me no cancer, next checkup in September.

    It has helped me to break it into smaller chunks and prioritize.I write each month's Mondos on my white board at my desk so I see it for 40 hours a week.

    This month is:
    * hit 500 miles run for the year
    * learn to walk in heels
    * wear makeup regularly
    * beach trip
    * photography class

    5 in one month is huge!

  4. PS. I will write a post on how I organize my photos. I've been meaning to do it forever and it works for us.

  5. Happy Birthday!!!

    Great list...I love the idea of living more simply. Oh, and only keeping clothes you love--I'm trying to do that myself since I have a smaller closet in this house.

    FiVE books a month?? If you get to complete that goal, I am jealous!! : )

  6. Happy bday sweety!! Hope it was a good one for you!

  7. Firsly - Happy Birthday! Sorry I have missed it but it's been a bit tough around here without H.Oh yes, I am game! And love your list.


    sounds to me (from reading your blog) that #1 is the most important - i think probably putting it first was not accidental, yes?

    And hey, am I the only one who finds #28, in the context of the rest of the list, HILARIOUS?? I think you're going to hvae to choose between that and the other 35 :)

  9. Claudia, I had to go back and re-read the list and YES! It does sound funny.

    I think it's more the expectations and standards in terms of character traits I was referring to, not in terms of productivity :)

  10. Happy belated birthday!!!! I love this list! I'd have to come up with 39 things, but I might think about it.


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