Friday, August 20, 2010

Am I going soft or is this nostalgia?

A few weeks ago I went to a conference near where D works so we travelled together. Normally I hate travelling with anybody because I have independence issues.

As we were driving on the highway (M1), I realised that on any previous occasions when we travelled the same route at that time of day, we'd been going to V...lab (fertility clinic) for a scan, egg retrieval or embryo transfer.

So we had a moment.

Then when we had D's party, we drove home with the babies and we passed V...lab again. That was amazing - I said to D, "can you BELIEVE it? these babies were created right THERE!!!"

Another moment.

And then when I look at the kids, I just think, "I can't believe we actually have CHILDREN", especially when we do "normal family things" like going to eat out.

I've also been thinking when I look at them, I can't believe they used to just lay there like slugs and now they can move, cause chaos, etc.


If I'm being annoying because I love this mobile stage so much, please ignore me. I felt the same way when I used to read about people loving the newborn stage :)

Hmmm, just realised it could be because I'm approaching the two-year anniversary of first starting the IVFs. Last year was such a blur and I had no time for thinking back...

So, am I going soft or is this nostalgia?


  1. mmm... Dunno if you are going soft or not, but I get a similar feeling everytime I drive in the vacinity of the CFC, and think that he was made there, and actually "lived" there frozen for a few months (and then start thinking about the other still frozen there....). I wonder how many other people feel like that about their kids - the whole, WHAT?!! I have a BABY!? - I have it every now and then.

  2. It's're still hardcore. The repeated trips to the clinic are so ingrained in my memory...if I travel past a certain point on a certain road, I actually feel that mixture of dread, anticipation, and excitement that I used to get. Think about how many times you made that trip and the emotions that went along with could you NOT be nostalgic???

  3. I'm actually thankful that the one-year anniversary of our last big procedure, as well as the girls' birth, has passed. I was such a softie just thinking about any and all of it. And this mama doesn't have time to be crying! :) But at the same time, I don't want to ever forget, to ever lose that feeling of amazement at our two little miracles. :)

    (OK, if that's not nostalgic, I don't know what is! HA!)

  4. Ag I get nostalgic about all sorts of little things - yesterday I gave away the boy's blankets - the baby ones. I nearly sobbed.

  5. Total nostalgia!
    I do the same thing every time we're driving past the hospital. I had my cycle, pre-natal care, delivery and NICU stay all at the same hospital. It's our hospital of choice, so every time we're in the neighborhood I get that antsy-awww-OHMYGOODNESSITREALLYWORKED feeling!

    (and I kinda wanna do it all over again!)


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