Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baby sign language

The best thing in the world happened last week.

Kendra was whining in her cot while I was dressing Connor after his bath one night. She does whine if she's left alone so since I was there, there was no reason to whine.


So I turned to her and said, "what's wrong, Baby?" and she made the sign for milk while scrunching up her little face.

Well, you'd have thought she'd just won a Nobel Peace Prize.


I called V to the room and again I asked Kendra what she wanted and she signed milk again, this time more frantically.

So I grabbed her, gave her lots of hugs and kisses and we went to get the milk.

But then the biggest surprise happened a few days later, on Sunday.

Connor was jumping/ bouncing up and down in his cot and doing the sign for milk.

He is so non-compliant when I want him to do something (rolling, crawling, etc.) but when it's on his terms, he just does it, very low-key, as if he's been doing it forever.

So we made another big fuss, he beamed at us and since then has been signing milk too.

Kendra then started signing eat on Tuesday.

She's been doing this thing with her mouth forever (probably 6 weeks) when we say, "Kendra, it's time to EAT!!!" (I believe in showing enthusiasm when it comes to food :)

Now there's no doubt. She does her mouth thing and signs eat.

And yesterday morning Connor also started doing the thing with his mouth. Almost like they're smacking their lips, but not quite.

So now we know when they want milk and when they want to eat.

Do you know how my life is changing???!!!

I have DREAMED of the kids being able to communicate their needs and I am in HEAVEN!


  1. You are way better than me - I never did the sign thing.

  2. Yay!!! isn't it the most wonderful thing ever when they make a sign for the first time??!! I love baby signs! It is making our life so much easier plus it is too cute!

  3. Yep, yep! Its awesome! One of my daughters was delayed in speech, and when she started signing a few words, then putting words to them, it was just a huge weight off my shoulders!

  4. I am terribly jealous. I attempted (half heartedly) the signing bit with zero results. Maybe now that they're older we can try it again. Are/were you actively trying?

  5. I wish I'd done signs with the boys... I wonder if it's too late?

  6. That sounds too cute! Did you teach them what the signs were for milk and food, or did they just come up with their own signs? Have you watched the movie "Meet the Fockers"? As I was reading your post, that's the first thing I thought of. The grandpa was teaching his grandson sign language, and the one for milk was too funny for words! If you haven't seen it, you must hire the movie sometime.

  7. I have been very inconsistent but V is very good with consistency :)

    Now that it's started happening, I'm more conscious and will try to be better again.......

    Caren, I bought a baby sign language book and picked a couple of the ones I most want them to communicate with me. Like milk, sleep, eat, etc. I don't much care about some of the others for now. Next one I'm working on is I love you :)

  8. We are at exactly the same point!! I just started them within the last week or so and my girls are signing "eat", "drink", and occasionally "milk". I am so excited!! It's so fun to actually communicate.


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