Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Computers are not my friend

Edited to add

Number 1 & 2 are now sorted - yay! Need to figure out scheduling thing now.

1. So you know how I'm battling to get this domain redirection set up. It's driving me crazy because I'm following instructions and it's not working.

Seriously - is there no-one who is tech-minded who can go look in my hosting and in blogger for me to figure out why I can't seem to get this working?

2. Then my website is not working either................ my home page is fine but the minute you click anything, 404 error.

Driving me bananas.

3. The scheduling thing in Blogger is not working on either the old or updated post editor and I'm slowly losing my mind. If anyone had this and it's now fixed, please share your fountain of knowledge.

4. And then I have an inbox that is stretching to mammoth proportions but on the bright side, I am getting lots of "real work" done.

Just so you know if you've sent me emails with questions.... that's why I haven't answered them.

Nevertheless, let's talk about my gynae appt this morning.

It was just a normal check-up but it's with a new guy who I'm very happy with.

I still have not received my file from the other people and based on their customer service, am very glad I didn't go with them.


The two receptionists were fantastic both prior to today and then this morning too. Very patient with all my questions because they do things very differently.

  • He takes blood at the appointment in addition to the PAP smear. The blood is to check hormone levels, etc. - great!
  • They do one appt and then a follow-up in 6 weeks. I'm not too keen on that since I have to pay for it but oh well, let's see.
  • He explains things beautifully and draws lots of pictures and here's the kicker...
  • I had to fill in a customer service form afterwards "so Dr P knows where he can make you happier" (got to love that and it's SO me (I'm a bit of a freak about customer service, in a good way of course))
  • He's ULTRA organised - I commented on that and he said he works 12-hour days so he can't afford to waste time looking for things !!!
So everything is fine, breasts and so on... my blood pressure was slightly elevated (for me) 100/60 which actually brought me into a more normal range.

There are some small cysts and endometriomas (?) going on (no surprise) but we are agreed that we want to try meds and things first instead of the dreaded operations. Last month's period was not pleasant and I do know my endo is quite aggressive so it's just a matter of time unless I do something different. And with a grand total of 5 ops under my belt, I really am in no hurry for that recovery time again.

I've got a prescription for birth control patches since my memory is shot to hell. I told him I went crazy on the pill (he says, "crazy how?") - well, crazy crying and crazy getting cross :)

So I've got another little something to add some of the hormone the patches suppress.

All very interesting to me.


In other news, either the babies are just naturally sleeping more soundly or they've stopped missing D. There was not a PEEP out of their bedroom last night until 6:10 this morning and no crying (!). When I woke at 7, I took morning bottles to them.

And... I've stepped out of my box and applied for a management consultant job internally. Not sure if I'm keen on it (will depend on % split of boring/ interesting outcomes - I applied based on the cool stuff :)) as our HR is very secretive so don't want to answer my detailed questions yet. But the main thing is... I've taken action!

How are you doing? Really...

P.S. K who runs our infertility group, often tells me "computers are not my friend" :)


  1. E-mail me. We'll figure it out. :)

  2. Ja well Marcia, I am the very last person to ask the techhy type questions to.

    Your gynea sounds cool - I love mine and I love that she is so pro-active with the general parts of my health too. And we share the lower range of normal blood pressure thing

  3. I don't have a clue about the tech issues, sorry! I did notice my last post did not post as scheduled, so if you figure that one out, let me know.

    Glad your appointment went well. I have to call and make one myself!

    Good week going on sister is home for a few days, and I think we are taking the babies to the aquarium for the first time on Friday!


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