Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do you bath with your kids?

A few weeks ago a friend sent a very cute pic of her boys bathing together.

I can't remember what I replied but she then said, "don't you bath with your kids?" in HORROR.

No, I don't bath with my kids.

I don't even bath the kids together. As I said to her, "one of us would drown if that were the case because they are WILD!"

But actually that's not the complete reason.

  • I don't bath very often. I'm a shower gal. If I get bath stuff for gifts, I give the bath salts away and use the foam bath as shower gel :)

  • I'm just a very private person and I don't like to share baths or showers!

  • I like the water piping hot. D and I tried to shower together before... and it just didn't work.

  • Also, baths are for getting clean, not for playtime :) (remember I'm an S)

So do you bath with your kids?


  1. I think if I could (space-wise) I would have tried it, at least once. But like you, I'm a get-down-to-business type of gal and wouldn't want to unnecessarily drag things on. The privacy part would not bother me as I am probably the world's least private person. I think that's why I like blogging! :)

    PS - I still don't know what is wrong with my blogger that you can't comment. But I also didn't want you to think I ignored you after you mentioned it to me twice. Still trying to work it out!!

  2. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Yip I bath with my 2 sons and step son and we have a jol and once we finish the bathroom needs a re vamp. We take syringes spray water and have a jol. Hey mommy and boys time!! So yes its my 10 year old, 8 year old and 8 month old!!!

    Come on M just try it once man!!!!! ha ha


  3. I shower with my kids if we are in a time crunch and all of us need to get cleaned up and out the door. It is actually pretty funny. DH gets in the shower with one boy, bathes him while I get the other boy undressed and ready to go next. Then we swap kids. I get the first boy dressed and teeth brushed and then the other kid is ready and I do the same while DH gets out and gets dressed. Then I take DD and shower with her, and DH gets her ready. He gets shoes on while I get dressed and out the door we go. We can get our whole crew ready in about 30-45 minutes this way.

    When we are not on a time crunch, boys bath separtely and do not play in the tub (I am not the type of mom to alow playtime in the tub either.. get in and get clean) I bath Tarynn in the sink (no need to track food from her feeding herself though the house).

  4. I have never bathed with Henry, but he hasn't been taking baths in the big tub that long. I don't really see myself doing it, but I am not shy either. It just doesn't seem logical at this point. Our tub is small and he has a way better time getting all the room to himself :)

  5. Oh I love to bath, but on my own. Strictly on my own. H was so disappointed that I do not want to bath with the princess. I do bath the boys together and often all 3 the kids together.

  6. No way - I don't bathe with my twins. I usually have an assembly line going during the evenings to keep every one sane and functioning. Moreover I use a bucket and mug to bathe them - not a bath or a shower - wonder what I should call that, hm….

  7. The only time I bathe with the girls is on vacation. At the beach this year, the tub in our condo was really deep and slippery, so I took baths with them to keep them from cracking a skull open! It's a lot of hassle, and I prefer to be alone when I'm bathing/showering too.

    I do bathe the girls together, and they get baths every night. It's probably their favorite time of day. The only way I get them out of the tub is with the promise of lotion, which they love right now!

  8. When the babies were really little and we put them in the big tub waaaayyyy too early, Husband had to get in with them to avoid anyone from drowning. Since then, we haven't gotten in. My kids are into taking showers now anyway...you know, because they're 2 now. So cool, right? Much easier too!

  9. I've never bathed with my kids (in a tub). They were well over a year before I could work up the guts to bathe them together.

    However, I have showered with them, just to get them accustomed to the idea of a shower. I don't anticipate doing that too often, though, unless there's another adult available to dry them. The visions of three pairs of slippery feet don't end well.

    By myself, I can take hour-long baths. Two hour-long baths, even. It's my most decadent pleasure - a bath with a book, a glass of orange juice, and a bar of dark dark chocolate.

  10. I've bathed with the girls a few times, maybe 3? They really did seem to enjoy it, me not so much. Maybe if I wore my swim suit it would help, I'm not a fan of the touching and grabbing! I am anti-bath too. I feel like I'm floating in Mandy Stew-gross! I do shower with them when we're in a hurry. Luckily DH is the bath master around here, I am not a big fan of bath time. We bath them together and when I am running the show I am both about cleaning and fun. We have lots of toys(distractions) and lots of scrubbing. I hate when I'm dressing them after DH baths them and they are still dirty!

  11. Nope, we don't bath with our babies! We tried it once, A got in the bath with his cossie on (alos private people), then I had to do all the work!!! Bring one baby, let him bath that baby (while the other baby moaned in the cot), then swop babies, I dried & dressed the first, then had to leave the first baby (to moan in the cot), take the second baby, and dry & dress that one! Too much work for me thanks. We bath the babies together, in their bath rings, but in relays. One is undressed (we only have one changing station) then one of us starts bathing the first baby, while the other baby is undressed, then put in the bath. They paly a bit, then first baby gets taken out & dressed, followed by secon baby. Sounds like an assembly line! Bath time is a bit hectic in our house...

  12. I love bathing with David. He is curious about the mommy parts, but I don't get anxious at all. He won't actually sit in the water unless I bath with him. Then he sits on my legs and plays with his toys and I lie back and soak. Bliss

  13. Off and on through the years on rare occasions I've bathed with all of my kids as babies. I'm not much of a bath person. I use to shower with the girls a lot - so did Tim - as babies, one would hand in a naked baby, wash and yell, and hand baby back out again.

    Tim bathed the girls probably 90% of the time when they were babies. Less so now that the girls are teens and can help bathe their young sibs. Marriana has to touch and play with everything - so we stopped the co-baths there really fast. However, Kendra has never had a problem about bathing with her sibs (she gets to play with the toys) when they were little. Joel has gotten way too big for that - but she would climb in with him up until the summer before LaRue was born.

    A lot depends on how big of a hurry we are in and who needs a bath. If they have been outside in the heat of summer - I'll let them play in the tub for an hour or more - it's cool and gets all the sand out of all the sweaty little cracks and crevices. And keeps them from running amuk all over the house. Often the one watching the bather (LaRue still needs hands on watching) is folding laundry in the bedroom where they can peak in every minute or so and hear the banging and splashing.

    Greatest toy ... water xylaphone! Joel's Aunt and uncle got it for him one Christmas to "round out" his presents. It's been his favorite for 19 months - especially after he found out it comes all to pieces and easily goes back together - puzzle style!

  14. yes, I like to take bath with my pretty kids. Actually, It's really pleasure if a man take bath with his kids. I also use kid shower for my kids too.


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