Monday, August 16, 2010

Feeding toddlers

The second most expensive sandwich ever

I’ve been asked about food by three people lately so I thought I’d do a post.

First, to answer Mandy’s question on yesterday’s post, when we go out, we only order one meal for the kids to share.

This is one of the best things about having twins – no wasted food!!!

I usually order a toasted cheese sandwich (I think some of you call it grilled cheese) which comes with a small portion of chips (French fries) and they share all of that.

It’s fantastic!

Finger food takes them longer to eat so we can actually eat our meal in relative peace.

On Saturday, they’d just had lunch at home when we left for the shopping centre so they weren’t starving and I only ordered extra toast with my meal for them. In retrospect, they polished it off and I had to order MORE extra toast so I may as well have ordered for them. Hmmm.

My goal with the babies has always been to have them eating the same type of things as we do.

We have cereals in the morning, sandwiches for lunch and a cooked meal for supper.

So they have cereals in the morning – these days maltabella (Purity babies’ version), oats, pronutro and yesterday we tried Weetbix.

I aim for sandwiches for lunch – toasted cheese, toast with avo, toast with cottage cheese, toast with peanut butter and since it’s been winter, homemade soup (my favourite, lentil and vegetable) and toast.

When I don’t have anything to put on the toast (sometimes I’m bad with making the shopping list), then they have cooked lunches and suppers.

And I also try any new food at lunch since I don’t want screaming kids at supper time!!!

I’m cooking more and more of their suppers the same as ours, except for curries as I’m not brave enough to give them anything spicy yet.

What I typically do is cook the meal, dish theirs out and then if I want to season some more, I’ll add more spices afterwards.

Things they’re loving at the moment are:

1. Chicken, butternut and rice

2. Lentils, butternut and rice (surprisingly, they absolutely LOVE this meal – I’m making more today since they polished off the last batch so quickly)

3. Chicken a la king and rice

4. Chicken, potatoes and veggies

5. Macaroni and cheese (my poor kids don’t know any different so they think mac and cheese normally has broccoli and cauliflower in the sauce J)

6. Tuna/ any fish with pasta or rice in a creamy sauce

7. Chicken strips (I stir-fry in a peanut butter sauce, no salt) with gem squash (they like this weird combo)

8. Cottage pie/ Shepherd’s pie

(My doctor told me I’m the only mother he knows whose kids eat lentils. My rule is they need to eat what I eat and I love lentils!)

Your turn.

What do you feed your kids for breakfast, lunch and supper?

P.S. Later today I finally have that appointment to get the mole on my back checked out. Wish me well...

P.P.S. I wanted to put a picture of food in this post but blogger is not co-operating so unfortunately you won't get to see the most expensive sandwich I've ever had! Can you guess where or how much?


  1. Oh please share that lentils and butternut recipe with us. It sounds great. Mine eat what we eat - proper cooked food. The way to go I tell you.

  2. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Hey M,

    Well seems though C is just like K & C he loves lentils i mix that wiht his veggies and even kidney beans. C has gone off food in a big way so at the mo he has his cereal for breakfast, we try avo,banana and fruti purity for lunch and he will have our home cooked veggies with some sort of protein mixed for supper or if he cant keep it down we do fruit purity. I must say he still gaggs on anything with texture not too sure why but then again he is only 7 months hey. Anyways chat soon. Robz

  3. Tarynn is a bit younger than your two- almost 10 months but...
    Breakfast- yogurt and fruit or a grain (muffin, toast, cereal) and fruit.
    Lunch- whatever I feed her brothers (Penutbutter, grilled cheese, soups or left overs from dinner)plus veggie
    Dinner- She gets what ever I make for the family. Speghetti, shephards pie, chicken. She will eat just about anything.

    Snacks are fruits, yogurts, crackers or cubed cheese.

  4. Yay, I love talking food! : )

    My girls are turning out to be a little pickier than I hoped, but we keep trying a bit of everything, hoping it will grow on them eventually. Still absolutely no pasta or eggs though...crazy kids!

    For breakfast, they usually have hot bologna, pancakes, raisin bread, or bagel with cream cheese. Lunch is chicken or beef tenders, lunch meat (turkey, usually), PBJ sandwich, and some sort of vegetable. They LOVE lima beans and black beans, and will eat almost any kind of pea or bean. Dinner is chicken and rice, hot dog, hamburger patty, grilled chicken...whatever I have time for! They still love yogurt, fig newtons, and cereal bars.

    I'm always looking for new ideas, so looking forward to reading other comments!

  5. Foods my kids like- Yogurt, cheerios, bananas, granola bars, applesauce, scrambled eggs, mac & cheese, veggies, pretty much whatever we give them

  6. Your children eat like kings in comparison to ours! Although I hate to blame DH, I've pawned household duties (and children) on top him while I've worked this summer. I try to feed them what we eat, but DH is a stubborn man and refuses all fruits and veggies and is very particular about his meals. We usually end up feeding the girls proper meals, I'll munch on odds and end and he'll eat sandwiches or pasta.

    Breakfast-fruits, waffles/panacakes/toast, yogurt
    Lunch-sandwiches(peanut butter, cheese, fruit spreads, ect), fruit, a side of pasta salad or veggies
    Dinner-Meats(which they usually refuse), some pasta dish, and two vegetables.
    Their father also likes to give them a "dessert" of graham crackers or goldfish after each meal as a reward. I don't think they need to be rewarded for eating.

    We also just found out that Emma has low iron, and is suppose to be eating more meats in addition to supplements, but she flat out refuses. I've tried crab and shrimp as well and she wants no parts. Maybe I'll have to sneak it in something creamy.

  7. At 4, my girls still split kids' meals, but you're probably aware of how out-of-proportion restaurant portions are in the US. (If you're not, be aware that I ask for a to-go box when I place my order, and put half of it aside before I even start eating!)

  8. I personally don't like lentils, but my boy seems to love them! I am at the stage where I really need to start moving to finger foods. He had been having a rice cake (or the like) as a snack for quite some time now, and that has been going very well. So currently he has cooked type meals for both lunch and dinner, and cereal for breakfast. (I have at times thought he eats more than other kids, not really sure....) A week or so ago I tried having him eat some steamed carrots. he chewed only for a little while, coughed (ok, ok, choked a little...) so I stopped. Some suggestions would be great about when you started this and what you started with.

  9. LaRue is still mostly sampling food - not on a regular meal plan at 11 months. BUT we are getting there. She's now demanding samples of whatever is not on her plate. We pull out the baby food less and less. So far, I've not found much of anything the girl won't eat. She loves lentils, broccoli, carrots, noodles, meats, breads, and only likes water to drink. She actually threw her cup across the room with great protest when Vannan put juice in the cup. Once she had ice water, she happily drank half of the cup full. :)


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