Sunday, August 08, 2010


On Friday we had a first for us - first night ever I slept apart from the babies.

I'd been working on The List for a few weeks and realised if I wanted to do some travelling alone with D, we'd have to start getting the babies used to other people.

So I suggested to D that his mother come sleep over on my birthday while we went to a hotel.

He was not keen as he didn't feel it was okay to lump his mom with the morning craziness of breakfast, getting them dressed, etc.

When the whole Botswana thing happened, we'd still not firmly decided on anything so I just assumed it wasn't happening.

And then when my MIL phoned to wish me a happy birthday, she said, "so what time do you want me there tonight?" and I said (totally winging it), "how about 4:30, in time for baths?" (yes, we bath early)

The plan was set.

When D arrived home (in the middle of my important coaching session) I quickly took a break to tell him his mother was coming over. He phoned her to clarify everything.

Another inconvenience was that the hotels are now SO expensive (from two years ago when we last slept away from home for a night) and I really couldn't justify spending R1350 for one night (which was really just sleep as we were going to go out for supper beforehand), or a few hours since D wanted to leave early, straight after breakfast, to relieve his mother.

So I had a brainwave.

We swopped houses and spent the night at hers. I also got Nanny V to come in on Sat morning to help out.

It all went fairly well except for one thing -

At 9:20 when I checked my phone, there was a message saying that "little Connor is not settling and I've been in there 4 times already" - the message was left at 8:15.

Panic stations.

We phoned and explained that we try not to respond immediately if he stirs and we definitely don't say a word if we do happen to go into their bedroom.

By this time (9:30) she'd been in 8 times and we only left home at 7 pm after they were both in bed and sleeping soundly.

I think things were fine after that - to tell you the truth, I didn't too many questions as I didn't want to freak out. Aren't you proud of me?

When we arrived home, the kids were fine and so was my MIL who said the "time together was so precious" - aaawwww.

So another first! Yay!

D and I slept about 10 hours straight that night :)


  1. You are a stronger woman than I!

    I'm glad you got to relax and celebrate a little! Hope you enjoyed it!

  2. That's awesome! Hope you had a great night of relaxing sleep.

    You and D are so good to worry about your MIL being overwhelmed by the babies. His mom goes on and on about how wonderful mine are, so I just dump them with her and hope she will figure it out! : ) (My mom is used to it... never any worries there.)

  3. Happy birthday! I'm glad you got such a beautiful gift - time.

  4. Woo hoo! So proud of you for stepping out there and carving some time for yourselves...even after the feedback from your MIL.

  5. Happy Birthday sweetie!!!! >:D<

  6. It must have been hard for you to let go, but another important one ticked off.


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