Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I think I'm getting old...and list of 36 update

I find myself incredulous at how quickly this month has gone by.

It's always older people who say "time is just flying" so I think I'm getting old :)

My one friend (the one I wrote about before) and I have successfully transitioned to girlfriends again and she is taking me out for supper next week so we've been email-chatting a lot.

The supper is an experience gift for my birthday earlier this month - I love it when the goodness just stretches and stretches, don't you? Anyway, she is turning 40 and is going on a lovely island holiday to Zanzibar as a gift to herself. FABULOUS!

Which got me thinking about my list of 36...

  1. Do LOTS more talks
  2. Develop and keep up a system for my photos I now have the system; I just need to do it :) I seriously suck at Project 365 - I am going to do better and hopefully make the last 4 months count. If I get this going, I think I'll make it...
  3. Do a weekly review post
  4. Have a family photo shoot when the babies can walk (I have very specific photos in mind and they need to be walking for that :)) Photo shoot is booked!
  5. Take a beach holiday
  6. Decide on a policy for attending kiddies birthday parties
  7. Go to gym 8 times a month - only managed twice the whole of August
  8. Do at least 3 talks on my infertility story to church or other groups See number 36
  9. Learn how to make a halfway decent blog header with photos in under 30 minutes
  10. Reconnect with a friend I truly love (she's moved to Pretoria so we never see each other any more) Done and it was fantastic
  11. Learn to let go A work in progress :) Looks like I'm doing good with the kids :)
  12. Read 5 books a month - Done for August
  13. Weigh 57 kg - have put on 0.5 kg!
  14. Hire a personal trainer to help me get to my goal weight - all costs factored in, need to just start
  15. When I reach said goal weight, reward myself with a professional photo shoot
  16. Use those photos to have a website redesign - have selected designer - in questionnaire process and then good to go. Decided not to use my photo in header so I don't have to keep paying design fees when I get bored :)
  17. Live a simpler life - trying...
  18. Simplify my business even more and do only really high-value work Have decided what high-value work means for me - speaking and coaching
  19. Travel internationally with D for at least 5 days! Our passports expire in December - just checked out places that don't need lots of time left on your passport. So far France, Spain and Portugal are looking good!
  20. Do regular random acts of kindness
  21. Pay for a stranger's meal/ groceries
  22. Do my version of 29 gifts - 4 unexpected gifts a month this is the one thing that is going really well. It seems I have developed focus because I see gifts everywhere I want to give to others and am loving surprising people. Look out - you may be next :)
  23. Get better with my skincare routine
  24. Have lunch with a friend once a month. Definitely on this list - a friend I've recently connected with after we lost touch for years (we met at university and I haven't seen her for about 8 years)! We've arranged a lunch date for November :)
  25. Get outside of house painted
  26. Figure out how to generate income from my organising blog Have session with blog coach end Sept...
  27. Redesign organising blog (contrary to what you may think, I find it very hard to let people design things for me as I'm so clear on what I hate!) - Hoping to get a different banner but same look and feel with person who is doing my website
  28. Lower my expectations of myself and of others I'm making HUGE strides in this area - but it's a process
  29. Take a very basic photography class
  30. Learn to cook a roast Thanks to MandyE and Natalie for mailing me recipes - happy to report I've now roasted a chicken. Not 100% happy with results so will do again and again until I am satisfied. Once that's sorted, will attempt meat :)
  31. Hire a life coach Had two sessions and am booking more - gained SUCH clarity, it was fabulous :)
  32. Get at least one massage a month massage was booked but the therapist cancelled (gran was very sick and whole family was summoned)
  33. Get hair done once a month - done for August
  34. Have only clothes in my wardrobe that I love and that look good on me Working on it... have decluttered winter clothes about 60%
  35. Meet up with 3 blog friends (Cat, are you game?) Does it count that I was with two bloggers at the birthday party on Saturday? No, that's cheating. I intended a proper meet-up.
  36. Get involved in some form of ministry again (I've stopped for the last 2 years and am feeling the itch to make a difference again) - could be those infertility talks otherwise even just mentoring people, etc. I've reached out to one church who has booked me before to tell them I'm available and willing to talk to their ladies. If you're in the area and have a group at your church who would love a dynamic, inspiring speaker, I'm your gal :)

And that's where I am - all the green makes me think I've actually made some good progress :)

As always, if you have any ideas for me, let me know - I truly welcome the feedback and input. Of course, if I can help you in any way, I'm very happy to do so.

How was your August?

P.S. Deanne, did that organising comment help the other day?

P.P.S. Tomorrow is D-day to let them know about the job - eeek.


  1. Still game to meet - Anmd you are making great progress.

  2. I LOVED my surprise!

  3. Doesn't it feel good to see all that green?! :)

  4. Look who is a busy beaver! You've put me to shame with all your progress!

    I loved Spain, LOVED IT! France I could give or take, much cleaner than most of England and wonderful small towns to visit-not to mention the museums!


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