Saturday, August 21, 2010

Is it just us or were your kids also crabby today?

The yellow door has absolutely nothing to do with today's post - it is quite simply one of my favourite pictures ever as I have a crazy love of doors. This was a door in Cork, Ireland.

This morning I spoke to my friend with the twins, C, who phoned me while waiting for her girls to finish napping in the car.

She said they'd been super crabby and she was telling people who said they were so cute, "oh you can have them" LOL

Mine were okay until supper time and then a very fast meltdown happened.

Kendra kept pointing to her high chair tray telling me to keep putting carrots there (we do them one by one otherwise she tosses them on the floor and I'm too old for all that bending) and I think she got too excited by our "game" because she choked a bit on one carrot.

I held her while she coughed and then she was fine physically BUT she was also tired so the crying was 10 times worse than it actually needed to be.


She was first to bath and cried in the bath, cried while dressing her (thank goodness not continually), cried because I was taking too long getting her milk to her.

Connor was fine but when she cries, it upsets him.

There was a cute moment though - while they were in their cots, he went to give her his dummy so she'd stop crying.

Too sweet!

And I had to crack - I've been trying to give them their bedtime bottles in sippy cups but because she was screaming, I had to put a proper teat (nipple) on the bottle.

Now I'm having a "proper" mug of tea in a quiet house.

I went to the hairdresser today and while there had a cup of tea. I asked for one sugar but either they got it wrong or it was a GIGANTIC spoon because it was sweet and horrible.

If that kind of thing happens, I really need to have a proper cup to make up for it. Hmmm.

Are you the same or am I weird?

P.S. We got V in to babysit so we could run a gazillion errands. Looked at car seats for the babies who are still rear-facing, will check one more place before deciding. Also, we decided we can't live with that horrible colour on our bedroom and study walls so I've chosen two new shades of paint in a different palette (whispering green and bay leaf) which hopefully will work. Please God, let it work.

When I phoned the painter to tell him we decided we can't live with that colour, he was incredulous, "you don't like the colour?" Um, no. Honestly I tried but my home is my sanctuary so I will have to endure mess and disorder for a few days over two weeks and get it sorted.

P.P.S. Go read Claudia's FABULOUS post about parenting toddlers

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  1. HA! Our girls were fussy too! I swear it was the humidity here, my niece was also fussy.

    Time to yourself to get your hair done, I am jealous! I could really go for a scalp massage.


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