Monday, August 23, 2010

Just another Manic Monday

(wish it were Sunday....)

Am I showing my age???

Well, Connor had a visit to the lovely Dr P (D's GP and is Scottish; I've also seen her once before) this morning because the other arm was not working properly and he cried every time he had to crawl.

Do you know how frustrating it is for a VERY mobile little boy to have to sit in one place?

The car seats were in D's car so I had to phone him to come home and take Connor to the doc.

I don't know what happened to fix it - Nanny V said after his nap he seemed fine but D insisted on making sure. He is the worrywart in the relationship :)

When I was walking back to my office after my interview (interrogation, more like it), D was still home and told me he is FINE. Whizzing around the place and happy as a clam.

Dr P said he was fine and did a once-over to check him out generally and pronounced him PERFECT.

Of course he is!

Oh, I love that boy so much.

To think I had a nightmare once about having a boy - "WHAT will I do with boys? I know nothing about them" - I actually dreamt that I'd put the baby boy in the cupboard because I didn't know what to do with him. LOL

And really, boys are the easiest kids. Uncomplicated and happy as long as there's food, things to grab (including my hair and glasses) and they can sleep now and again.

I think the interview (which was a two-and a half hour session session of case studies and one-on-one proper interviews) was good but that's my take on the situation. I may be a bit overqualified as the others there were a lot younger than I am - eeek!

But it's good to get out there and practise your skills, right?

At the very least, they now know some of my awesomeness :)


  1. Gee, this arm thing would freak me out. Maybe he just sleeps on it and then it's sore?

  2. Talking about boy vs girl - although now you have one of each! I had the same thoughts about having a boy. And I will be honest, that up until that 12 week or so scan, I did hope for a girl. 2 reasons - firstly "it" would have the same parts as me, and I could deal with that, and secondly I thought that we would probably maybe only go through this once, and girls have such a great relationship with their dads (or it seems that way to me anyway....). But now - what on earth do people do with girl babies???! If I do this again, I would not mind having another boy, I just love them!

    Glad the arm things seems to be sorted. Very weird.....

    P.s and I had my bits crossed that only one of the frozen guys stuck, and not all three...

  3. I always said I wouldn't have a CLUE what to do with a boy. I stand by that, too. At least I can sympathize with the girl drama. : )

    Glad your interview went well. You just never know where it might lead, right?

    It's definitely a manic Monday here...we have TWO murder trials and I'm the ONLY person here in the office. Argh...pray for me this week! : )

  4. Of course he's perfect! He's perfectly adorable :)


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