Sunday, August 22, 2010

A lost video and a weekend round-up

First, I found this video that I took at Golden Gate when we went for our Clarens holiday at the end of April.

I love these panoramic ones - I took a similar one at Wicklow in Ireland which is just breathtaking - I should see if I can find it easily.

The toys are starting to overwhelm me and we don't even have that many. We probably have less than 25% of what most kids have. We've been buying the kids some stuff but since D is the sentimental one, it is his job to weed out some first before we let them at the new ones. So that's been interesting as his idea of decluttering is not the same as mine.

We went to the 3rd place to look at car seats and I'm 95% decided on the one for us. I think we will go for a seat that can convert to a booster seat (can take up to 36 kg) so it's a once-off expense/ investment. I will chat to my friend with the twins (I really should stop calling her this on the blog) to see what discount she can get for me.

And then... we had the opposite of a nice family meal out today. The Greenstone Spur was FULL of people, they got the babies' order wrong twice, it was impossible to eat with the kids grabbing at our food, my food wasn't done properly, etc. The babies ate lunch at 2:30 instead of the 1:00 latest they normally eat at. Oy!

Remember that job I applied for?

Well, I got a meeting invite for an "informal chat" which in Marcia-speak (and my wonderful boss agreed with me) means, "you didn't get shortlisted but we liked something in your CV so let's get to know one another".

I was totally surprised though when I pitched up and it was a REAL interview (gosh!). I was very glad that I can usually wing it with these things. Turns out the guy is LOVELY (also ESTJ :)), we had a great chat (went waaayyyy over the meeting time) and I have an extended second interview tomorrow.

Isn't this just typical though? The MINUTE you start to really LOVE your job suddenly things fall into your lap...

So this week I'm looking forward to buying new paint, having a coaching session (for me) and getting that second interview out of the way.

What are you looking forward to?

P.S. MandyE and I have been speaking about pancakes, crepes and flapjacks on email and now I'm craving them, so I think I'll whip up a quick batch.


  1. Even though we just came home, I would love to go for another trip! I'm yearning for something different from our usual haunts.

    Busy, busy lady! I can't fathom interviewing now! I'm dreading working 20 hours a week on top of my 42 hours of baby watching.

    I whole heartedly believe that the convertible seats were the best investment. For the cost of roughly 3 seats, I got the equivalent of 6. The girls will be secure till they are 80lbs! Just make sure the one you've chosen has a cover that is easily removed and washed. Ours claims to be easy clean, but it is line dry online and with all the padding I'm sure it will take at least a day to dry.

  2. I have a different opinion to Mandy. One of the biggest frustrations with car seats is how difficult it is to move them. That is why traditional booster seats are great - you just fasten them with the normal seat belt. As soon as our littelist is bigger I am going to move the twins to them. The kids are also way more comfy in them than the fasten between the legs type.


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