Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Missing Daddy/ Snot

When D came back from Botswana and saw the kids for the first time, Kendra ignored him (she is great at giving the cold shoulder - we will have to put a stop to that).

Connor had such a fantastic reaction it more than made up for K's.

He got so excited, laughing and smiling, trying to wrestle out of V's arms to get to Daddy.

It was priceless.

playing around with Connor - I am not normally a "rolling on the floor" type of person, except with my babies :) which means I am doing far more laundry as this lovely carpet sheds its natural fibres

despite the look, he loves hugs and kisses

he's just getting bored because he wants down

LOVE this one - Daddy and Connor love

I cropped myself out because I looked terrible but the kids are still cute, esp Kendra's expression

Now Connor's had enough of me too

and wants to escape

That night we slept away (which probably added to the clinginess) but over the weekend he has been sticking to D like glue.

It is SO cute. He'll play happily but only if D's in his line of sight.

He even preferred D to me, which just does not happen.

Kendra warmed up after a while but no great shakes - she just carried on her normal life.

They had/ have snotty, blocked noses because the Joburg weather has gone from highs of 22 and 23 degrees last week (lulling me into a false sense of summer) and back down to 12 and 13 degrees this week.

Connor also had a cough in his sleep on Sunday night/ Monday so we decided to be responsible parents and get some medicine for him from the pharmacy.

Despite the fact that I love my paed, I am not about to pay those crazy fees for a cough. I'm not against doctors; I'm just against wasting money when it's clear it's nothing serious.

So we got some stuff for their nose plus a cough mixture for C. R87 in total :)

He LOVES the medicine (made me feel bad for an instant as it's probably the sugar he liked because they don't get any... but then I thought, "tough!") but THRASHES like crazy when I come anywhere near his nose. Technically, thrashes, kicks, screams and cries at the top of his voice.

I can't believe this BIG boy was that tiny 1.85 kg baby.

D pins down his arms and legs and I hold his head with one arm and do the drops with the other. Not my favourite time of day but he's forgiven since he's eating well at the moment. Yes, even opening his mouth voluntarily for food!!!

K doesn't mind getting her nose done; she lays on the change mat and gives me a look like, "get on with it, will you?"

Last night I said to D, we are ROOKIES at this kids getting sick thing because we're moaning about a little cough and a bit of snot!!!

Other people have it far worse.

Really, we should count ourselves blessed we've had nothing else in 13 months!

How do you deal with sick babies? What's your approach? Straight to doc, or do you wing it?


  1. Yes you are rookies :)
    By the time my boys were 9 months old, Nate already had ear tubes because he had so many ear infections from so many colds.

    We never go to the doctor for a cold. You can't give babies anything anyway. We used to call the nurse line for a fever but now I don't call the nurse line for a fever unless it's been 3 days and/or they are clearly dehydrated and/or the fever is over 103.

    Good thing about having a nanny is less illness for babies. Bad thing is once they are around other germy kids full time, they will get sick.

  2. First...great pictures...loved them all!

    Second, I wing it until it gets scary. My doc said that even fevers that get over 105 aren't that concerning unless their behavior changes. You want to control the fever and make sure it comes down in 1.5 hours, but other than that, just monitor. They also made exceptions for breathing issues and not sleeping/eating. I'm not a "run to the doctor" kind of person!

  3. Anonymous8:34 am

    Hey M, yip i only go to the doctor when i know i can no longer do it alone!!! I just know a fever for 3 days that ain't going is a problem, i also will check if the neck is sore etc e.g meningitus, and so on but i also have realised that once its in the chest you need an antibiotic so as soon as i hear its moving down we off to the GP.Kiddies will keep us fit!!Love Robz


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