Thursday, August 05, 2010

Money, milk and movement


So I did our budget last week and .......... drum roll please.... we're saving about R500 every month now that they're on real milk instead of formula. For those detail-oriented ones among you, the R500 is AFTER I factor in all the extra milk I have to buy (on average, 1 L a day for their bottles and for mixing with cereal).

Any ideas as to what I should do with that money? What would you do?

I'm debating between some exciting things like unit trusts or saving for their future daycare because it's hellishly expensive out there, and of course, everything X 2. I need to talk to you about schooling at some point. I'm being a sissy about it because it is so controversial.


Because of the cow's milk, my night time routine just got so much shorter. Instead of boiling and cooling water, measuring formula and mixing bottles, it is now grab bottle, pour milk. That's it - done! It is heaven!!! I can do it in minutes now instead of a set block of time.

D is a lot more sentimental than I am (he teases me and calls me "cold") and is actually nostalgic about not having to measure out formula (how can you be nostalgic about all that schlep?!) and wants to keep a formula dispenser for the memory box. I said, "no way, I can't WAIT to give them away".

In case anyone is interested in how we transitioned...

Dr S said finish all the formula you have and move onto milk.

I did it my way.

I kept them on 2 bottles a day formula, lunch time bottle of milk for a week. Then I moved to wake-up and lunch bottles of milk and evening formula.

In retrospect, there's something to be said for listening to the doctor. Because they (Connor) threw the "real milk" bottle aside a couple of days. When he saw there was no alternative (well, water!), he eventually drank the milk. After much screaming and tantrum-throwing, of course.

Now that we're onto real milk properly, we have no problems.


They are everywhere and into everything these days. Different directions, of course.

Last night I chatted to a friend and told her Connor can wreck a room within MINUTES. Bins overturned, CDs all over the place, etc.

The nice thing is they're stable so they don't fall a lot (except if one baby muscles in on the other's space) and that frees me up so I don't need eyes all over my head all the time.

Another nice thing is I can walk to the kitchen, etc. and they follow me like little dogs. Too sweet and also, easy on my back. Or I'm busy in another room and I hear whining... I can call out to them and they come! One of them is more stubborn than the other though. Can you guess which one?

Yes, we are busy busy busy BUT I love this stage! I honestly celebrate each stage of independence and would not want that "bump on a log" stage back for anything!

P.S. I get a kick out of doing weird subject lines - for the blog and for my emails :)


  1. I just love reading your blog because it takes me back to when my kids were that young! Back then, everything seemed like such a hassle but now looking back through your eyes, I can recognize the fun parts!

    I loved the milk transition too! How funny that your hubby is much more sentimental about it. I couldn't wait to be done with made our lives so much easier (not to mention making our wallets heavier!)

    I'll be posting about the family drama that went down in Tahoe as soon as I can find a way to be constructive about it. I just learned that my sister (of all people) found my blog through a friend and she reads it regularly. How do you like that crap??? Anyway, I'll be coming up with something soon!

  2. Sounds like you're having the time of your life, I love this stage!!!

    Your husband sounds like a sweetie, I love guys that are really softies like that!

  3. when we transitioned, we did 1/2 formula, 1/2 milk for a bit, then on to straight milk

  4. I am just now contemplating what I am going to do with the nappy money once we have L off them too. Not saving any now as the pull-ups are so helluva expensive, but once he is off these it will be one night nappy per boy per day. I think I will easily save about R800 a month.With the princess we did an educational policy when the nappy's were done.

  5. I would invest in some unit trusts with the extra money. In fact, we are in the process of doing just that for our babies, as they were given some money by their granny for their Baptism.

    Great time saver without the formula! Do you warm their milk? Do you still sterilize their bottles?

    Love the "follow me like puppies" comment. It must be too cute!

  6. Caren, I think I will end up doing unit trusts.

    yes, we still sterilise...I'm in a habit and just feel safer...

    But I still don't warm milk :)

    I will heat just a bit to get the cold out but that's it.

  7. Our Baby B transitioned to whole milk with no issues whatsoever, but I had a bear of a time with Baby A. She downright REFUSED to drink it...and I'm not sure if I should admit this, but I was trying to hold the line with her...she went a full day without drinking ANYTHING...stubborn as a goat, she is! :) I couldn't let her go any longer, so I bought more formula. She actually didn't seem to "trust" me, husband had to give her the first couple of bottles even! I finally transitioned her, about 5ml at a time, over a period of probably 6 weeks.

    I was a little sentimental about not mixing formula anymore, but I got over it quickly. Now I just love remembering the extra time I have in the evenings! :)


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