Monday, August 02, 2010

My plan for my evenings this week

Thank you so much for your great ideas on surviving as a single parent.
I've decided that I have to go to bed an hour or two earlier as I have to do the early bottle while D's away.

So after the babies go to bed I have about 4 hours before I need to be in bed.

6 - 7 pm

  • Have cup of tea while I watch Bold and Beautiful and write my list for the evening, pack work bag, etc.
  • Heat and eat supper (oh, in other news, I didn't have a proper supper on Sat and lost weight!!! so I'm thinking toast for supper is suddenly a very good idea)
  • Babies bottles and food for next day
  • Pack my own lunch bag

7 - 10 pm

Marcia time and Business time :)

Marcia time includes

my 30 ab crunches, showering and whatnot, blogging on this blog, TVs and movie (Survivor and I hired a DVD for Wed), reading, etc.

Business time includes

Coaching, any projects, business blogging, writing newsletters, etc.

Tonight I've already done quite well - let's see how this holds up the rest of the week.

What are your evenings like generally speaking?

P.S. I'm convinced K is telepathic. Tonight D phoned me and while we were chatting, she woke up and starts sobbing like her little heart is breaking. ??? Poor thing - maybe she realised Daddy's away?


  1. It sounds like you are doing a good job on your own this week! I'd soak up that "Marcia time" while you have the chance! :) Usually we spend our Sundays cooking ( for the week and we do a lot of crock pot meals, so my evenings are generally pretty relaxed. The boys go to bed by 7pm. We have a cleaning "schedule", so when one of us is cleaning up after dinner, the other one tackles that night's chore. Then it's TV and lounging time! :)

  2. After the girls are in bed, I have a list of things I need to get done (usually cleaning the kitchen and dining room, toy pick up, dishes) and then I veg. DH usually watches TV and I catch up on the computer. How that is going to work when he goes back to school and I start babysitting I have NO IDEA!

    Schedule changes are scary stuff!

  3. Glad to hear your first evening as a "single parent" went well. Shame, poor Kendra, they definitely sense when things are not as they usually are! When A was away, S & S were not themselves. So did you get to bed earlier?!

  4. Shelby, I love your plan! Especially the lounging part LOL

    Mandy, yours sounds like our situation - D Tv and me on computer. What is it with men and TV?

    Caren, they DO sense. I think they're starting to twig that D is away. This morning they looked at me like, "where's DADDY?" because they're not used to me doing morning bottles and nappies. Shame!

    I got to bed just before 11 (my goal was 10...) but it's still earlier than Sun night!

  5. Trying hard to catch up with my Google Reader. :)

    I know you survived, I've read ahead.

    Our evenings are somewhat hectic (shoot, my whole day is hectic). Supper around 6:30. Vannan puts Joel in a tub at our house, then takes Marriana next door and puts her in the other tub. Joel at 5 can pretty much take care of "turn off the water" and "get out" all by himself. On Tues, Thurs, and Sat, she also washes their hair. We all take turns bathing LaRue, but Tim seems to get it most. Kendra cleans up the kitchen. I nurse LaRue while on the computer.

    At some point, I go next door. My dad and I have a quick "get on same page" talk - tell him how M did during the day, find out if I need to make any plans. Then do M's bedtime routine and check the house/school room. Give Vannan a list of things to do before she goes to bed (unload the dishwasher, empty the school trash can, etc). THEN I go back to my house, do Joel's bedtime routine. Inspect the kitchen. Give Kendra a list of missed things to do. Put Joel to bed. AND nurse LaRue (if she's in jammies) and settle her down on our bed. THEN I can work on the computer (emails, Google Reader, facebook, and school printing) until either I finish, or LaRue wakes up (fell asleep before she got her tummy full - or maybe a bad dream?), or I go to bed.

    It sounds easy. But some nights it can get to be really strange.


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