Friday, August 27, 2010

Oh, the screaming

I am not a fan of the screaming.

In fact, it's the one thing I'm not enjoying about these kids getting bigger.

They have bigger lungs and can scream much LOUDER than before!

They are still on one sippy cup a day, when they have their 100 ml milk after lunch.

I had the "bright idea" to give them their bedtime bottle also in sippy cups but OH, the screaming.

(Mandy, that's why I said you're a brave woman for simply throwing all the bottles out!)

They alternate crying and screaming and staring at me like I'm trying to feed them poison.

So I cave in and pour the milk into normal bottles and they go from the terrible twins to my happy children again.

Since I'm determined, I then try again a few days later.

Again the screaming.

I think I tried the third time yesterday and that just about sent me over the edge.

Connor has this new thing where he gets himself worked up into such a state that he becomes impossible to calm down.

Red face, kicking and screaming, hitting if I try to hold him.

This is what happens when I offer him a bedtime sippy cup and the last two mornings waking.

This morning he woke at 3.30 (I think he couldn't find his dummy and he got frantic and couldn't calm down). It was so bad that I woke up - these days I sleep like the dead - and even I couldn't calm him down for a few minutes.

While all this is going on, Kendra pops up from her cot, blinks those little eyes and when she saw Connor screaming, she took her dummy and offered it to him.

Too sweet!

Eventually, I put the dummy in his hand, another one in his other hand and just kept rubbing his tummy.

When the screaming stopped, I tucked him in again and left the room.

This better not be a "new thing" because I'm already over it.

I've also decided that so what if I have the only kids at pre-school still taking milk from bottles :) It's either that or my sanity.

P.S. It's not too late to give me your ONE word to describe me :)


  1. We tossed the bottles at 13 months (when I stopped BFing) but he was never attached to them anyway because he only took a bottle on the days I work, and never at bedtime. We switched to the sippy cup at bedtime once the nursing was over, but he just messed with it, so now he gets nothing. A snack and a glass of milk before bedtime, but we take no milk in his room with us when we put him down.

    Of course, we are still rocking him to sleep (or actually, holding him as he falls alseep. We cut out the rocking motion...), so we have our own issues! I have o idea how to break that habit. At least it only takes 10-30 minutes now. Used to take an hour. I kinda enjoy the quite time with him

  2. It's ok that they still take a bottle. They are still Itty bitty babies! Have they started thrashing around when you change their diapers yet?? Fun, eh? They are so precious! Very cute/adorable/beautiful!!

  3. We had a screamy night last night too. It was terrible!

    I wouldn't stress too much about the bottles...they're so darn cute holding onto them! : )

  4. I really wouldn't worry about stopping bottles now. with Zoe I only stopped at 18 months when I could explain why - beacause she was a big girl now, etc. Don't stress about it, it will happen in it's own time.

  5. They are still little babies. Its like so many things I see with friend's and their babies - they look back at certian things later and say 'I thought they were so grown up then but they were still so little'. I don't want to annoy anyone but just try to enjoy all these baby stages while you can. We adopted our son as a little 27 mth old and missed so many little baby things. He was still tiny in lots of ways but we would give anything to have had the chance to share a few tiny baby things with him even just a few times. Of course we spent a lot of time educating ourselves (necessary requirement here in NZ) and extra reading we wanted to do, on on attachment and bonding. We might have a different view sometimes on these things, to parents who haven't researched much on the subject. But I think/know keeping your little ones happy by feeding them from a bottle is a good thing. And as everyone says about almost everything in parenting - they won't be taking their bottle to high school! They'll stop when they are ready - and it does happen!

  6. I looooove that she offered him her bink! So twinny!

    I have no ideas on the sleep stuff...we threw all our bottles out too and we haven't done a bedtime bottle since they were really young. Part of me didn't want to have to break that when they started potty training...see? Advanced planning!

    They'll eventually understand that they should be using a sippy rather than a bottle, won't they? What about weaning one and then the other? That may have been the dumbest thing I've ever written as the mother of twins...but, as you know, I don't edit!

  7. So I'm thinking...

    Our Dr. told us they need 16+ ounces of milk a day, but she didn't say when. So you could offer less and less milk at bed time till you are done with the bedtime bottle all together like Rebecca did? That way there is no sippy cup drama and you can jump start potty training! We had one night for screams and I didn't budge. That was it, done and over. But knock on wood, my children sleep-all night, every night!

  8. I haven't taken away the bottles from my guys yet either. They are still little...
    I think babies still need the comfort of sucking for longer than a year- whether it's from a bottle, breastfeeding, a pacifier...

  9. Our girls didn't start to transition to a sippy until 14 months or so (they flat refused before that). I enticed them to use a sippy cup with juice, and after a week or so they figured it out. From then, I moved one feeding from bottle to sippy (milk). It would take a couple of weeks before I felt like that was well-established; then I'd transition another feeding.

    The girls were doing great taking milk, and one cup of juice, from the sippy. We stayed with that system for a month or so, before finally transitioning their night bottle (6:45, just before bed) to a sippy. We kept the routine the EXACT same...A sits in my hubby's lap; B sits in mine...they didn't seem thrilled about it the first night, but by the second or third night, all was well.

    Good luck...but don't stress over this! After a couple of different examples, I believe that children will do things when they're ready. We can try to steer them in a certain direction - and should - but it's been best for me to have some degree of flexibility in terms of timing. You're right...they won't go to kindy taking bottles! :)

  10. God bless you! Screaming = yuck.

    I am loving that they are holding their bottles though! I can't wait for that! :)


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