Friday, August 13, 2010

Oversharing... and the s*x word

Just a few comments about my post earlier this week...

  • This blog is just a snapshot of my life. There are SO many things that happen daily to both the babies and to me, and I can and choose to only write about some of those things.
  • I really want to connect through writing on this blog but am fast realising that I don't always get what I want, so either I need to just deal with it as the way it is or change the way I blog.
  • I do feel that I need a measure of reciprocity in sharing with friends so I may scale back on sharing feelings and take those behind the scenes with certain people only, I'll see... because this is not working in its current format for me 100%.
  • I do think I'm going to stop telling people about my blog until we've built a measure of a relationship first.
  • Hmmm, too much thinking :)

Anyway, onto today's topic...

I totally forgot to mention this last week but when I went for my check-up, the gynae asks me the standard list of questions and asks, "normal sex drive?"

I said, "hmmm, I don't think so. Although I don't know if it's just year 1 with twins or if, in fact, it's a problem, but it feels like it's low"

We're going to see if anything changes once I go on those patches....I'll let you know...

But over to you - where do you rate yours? low, medium or high, and based on what???

(I really want to know so leave an anonymous comment if you're the sort who wants to keep your identity secret)


  1. ha ha. It was high before ttc then came ttc and it got low to very low. Now its a little higher...

  2. Infertility and RPL destroyed my sex drive, having a small baby hasn't helped much either but we're working on it!
    Wish there was a pill I could take to bring back my sex drive!

  3. What about the "all over the map" option? Sometimes my sex drive is super high. Sometimes it is really low. There is no middle ground for me it seams.

  4. Sex drive? Like when I want to have sex, or when I want to have it and can actually act on it? Ha!

    I seriously want to know if the kids killed it, or the IF, or being old, or some sort of combination. And why did it only kill mine?? Is this a girl thing? Glad to know I'm not alone!

  5. Low...unless I'm in a hotel room...then medium. Does that make me "ho-y?" Haha...I am to freaking tired to think about that crap!

  6. I'm a little late chiming in, but mine's pretty low. I don't necessarily think it is the birth control (IUD), but I'm sure it probably doesn't help. I've been on some sort of BC for so long, I wouldn't know what all it's affecting! I think it's mostly a mental thing with me, but I don't really know what to do about it.

  7. I'm a bit of an anomaly. When we were TTCing- I had zero drive. It's 150% better since Trimester 1, Pregnancy 1 and no notable change since then. I think it's hormonal on my part.

  8. With 5 kids and 2 houses to care for full time, plus our homeschool ... even with desire there, I crash before it more than crosses my mind most nights. LOL


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