Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Party post number 4

I'm reading a book at the moment that is REALLY good but I didn't think it would be. When I get back from the library, I arrange my books in the order I'm likely to enjoy them. I put this particular one right at the back BUT the other morning I thought I'd quickly start reading it while I had a cup of coffee.

Big mistake!

An hour later, I tore myself away and yes, I was late for work. But it was worth it!

The point of all that preamble was that in the book, amongst other parenting issues (in a non-parenting book!), they discussed children's parties and said we do these "events" to make us feel better when really, to other people and to the child, whether you get a cake or a party that rivals a wedding, it's all the same.

And I got it!

It's about celebrating, not about how you do the celebration or what it looks like.

So next year I'm going to do things a little differently - I'm still thinking about what feels right for us.

Anyway, onto the last set of pics.

Opening our presents

as you can see, we're well on our way to a simpler life

Kendra looking at my friend, C, with her gorgeous girls

Connor looking guilty after pulling off my tablecloth weights

D with the kids

Our friends, B & M, with their girls

Our friend, Carmen and Erin, who said I was "creative and organized" and is therefore my BFF :)

BIL and D's sister

D's mom with daughter and SIL

D bringing C's cake

I'm holding down K's hands so she can't reach for the candle

Connor attacking the cake

Nanny V with Connor and Ethan

P.S. I keep forgetting to write about it here but Mandy P threw me a party for my birthday. Imagine that? All the way from Oregon! It was SO special and absolutely tickled me pink :)


  1. I totally felt that I did the entire party for the family! I would have been fine not having a party at all but I was so worried what people would think of me. Next year it will be completely different I'm hoping, much more scaled down. We had 30 people and that was just immediate family! Who did you invite?

  2. I absolutely love your online "french theme"party - what a totally brilliant idea!!!
    My best friend and I have missed so many parties for our kids recently it's just not funny... but they are immigrating (like all best friends seem to!!!) this week so we had a party on friday afternoon for all of them... we got all the factors necessary for a party: friends - her four and my eight - enough!!! face paints... everyone got whiskers and a nose... a treasure hunt and a gift... everyone got a tub of playdough - wrapped and hidden in the garden... a pinata (gift bag taped shut) filled with little packets of crisps and streamers... We drank coffee and chatted while the kids played with play dough. Finally a cake big enough to have the number of candles of everyones age on it... we all sang together we all blew together. Almost zero preparation... no extended family to impress... the kids had a ball and zero clean up!!! Wonderfull!!! Everyone happy!!!

  3. I invited family (we only have 7 altogether in Jhb, that's on both sides, including us!!!) and some close friends.

    If I had to do things differently, I would have had it elsewhere so I could have more people because I had to exclude people I didn't want to, simply because of space and


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