Thursday, August 19, 2010

Two bits of exciting news

Thanks for all your comments on the walking post. Trust me - I am not in the least bit worried.

Also, something I forgot to mention - in the Ask Moxie post, they mentioned that the sooner kids walk, the more they stumble around like little drunk men :) I am very keen on avoiding all that as my nerves already can't take the knocks to the head so later is on all fronts a good thing!

D has been teaching Kendra body parts so we keep saying things like, “where’s your hair, teeth, nose?” (we don’t ask eyes anymore since she nearly poked out her eye with that little finger the other day).

But on Wednesday I taught her something I should have done long ago – "wipe your mouth"!

I can't stand drool (or any bodily fluids) so all the drool drives me nuts.

So now when I see drool, I say “Kendra, wipe your mouth” and she takes her bib and does it – this is too exciting!
I am stepping into my awesomeness as a mother (as Rebecca would say)!
Then in other news, a producer from a talk show in South Africa contacted me to appear as a time management expert. We were all set to go but then her boss cancelled it because they had too many shows booked.

BUT do you know how excited I am??? They told me lots of nice things (obviously) but this is a fantastic branding exercise - means people are finding me!!!
So I am also stepping into the awesomeness that makes me uniquely me.

What makes you uniquely you?
(I really want to know. I find that most people can rattle off their top 5 weaknesses easily but not so much their awesomeness, so let's take this opportunity to focus on our strengths)

E.g. for Mandy P, her amazing ability to show care and concern by putting together fantastic events, my one friend is the best listener in the world (seriously) and has the ability to make you figure out things just by asking the right questions, etc.


  1. Exciting news indeed.Gosh,I'd have to think about it.

  2. Isn't it amazing when you can begin to ask your kiddos to do something - like wipe their mouths - and they actually respond?!!! One of the first directions A followed was "Put the gown on your head." I hate that's so goofy, but we were clowning around...I couldn't believe she did what I told her to do! :)


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